A bad run at Brodsworth

WEDNESDAY was a bad day. Work was challenging, my pony had an allergic reaction to his flu jab and, to top it off, just as we were leaving for the South Yorkshire road league at Brodsworth, I cracked my head on the kitchen cupboard and almost knocked myself unconscious.

It was too much. I stood in the kitchen, crying and chuntering for a good ten minutes.

‘Are you finished yet?’ Chris tapped his watch. ‘It’s just that the race starts in a hour, and we need to pick Fiona up.’


Fiona had also had a few mishaps. She’d Continue reading

Moving on

WHEN I’m feeling down, I get my trainers on and go for a run. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and moving forwards, really does help lift my mood.

This week has been a particularly sad and difficult week. After Continue reading

Spring marathon excitement

SPRING marathon season is here. Manchester, Paris, Boston UK and US, and this coming weekend, London. I’m so excited. It seems like everyone is talking about running a marathon.

Normally at this time of year, I get so inspired by the thousands of runners taking part in the London Marathon that I Continue reading

The winner of the Boston Marathon UK

The winner of the Boston Marathon UK

THERE is one runner who never fails to inspire and amaze me, and that’s my friend, Fiona.


On Sunday, Fiona took on the challenge of running her first marathon in ten years. It was all the more challenging because Continue reading

Staying safe on my Sunday run

Staying safe on my Sunday run

IN all my years of running, I’ve never felt afraid to run off-road on my own. That changed on Sunday.

I was coming up to two miles on my favourite route on the Trans Pennine Trail, heading to Newmillerdam, when I noticed a man under Old Royston Bridge. It’s not unusual to see men on the TPT. They’re normally running, cycling or walking. This man was different. He wasn’t doing any of those things. This man was loitering. He also appeared to be talking to a bush.

old royston bridge

I did a quick check to see if he’d got a dog with him. Talking to a dog would be acceptable, but a bush, well, that had me worried.

As I Continue reading

Training update: the good and bad

THE good news is that despite a chest infection, I’ve been able to run. The bad news is that the quality just hasn’t been there.

I suppose it’s to be expected, (man flu/chest infections have to be taken seriously), but it’s very frustrating. I’ve set myself certain running goals this year, so I wanted to get stuck in to some serious training.

‘At least you’ve managed to run,’ Chris said.

‘I wouldn’t call it running!’

Since the coughing started, I’ve not Continue reading

Small steps achieve big things

A FEW weeks ago I attended a couple of blogging and writing workshops. One was with an award-winning blogger, the other with a best-selling novelist. The workshops were very different, but both of the ladies gave me the same advice.

‘Be brave,’ they said.

‘That’s easy for them to say,’ I thought. With their amazingly successful blogs and six figure book deals, it was probably easy for them to be brave.

But the thing is, and the important thing, is that they had started out from a similar place to me. They started with a small blog, and an idea for a book. They achieved what they have through hard work and determination. It hasn’t been easy for either of them, but by being brave they managed to take their small blog/novel and achieve big things.

For me, that was really inspirational.

Be brave. The words stayed with me. I began to think Continue reading

Mountains and man flu

THE South Yorkshire road league got underway on Wednesday. The first race was at Lodge Moor in Sheffield.

I’d heard it was hilly.

‘How hilly?’ I asked on the drive there.

‘Hilly hilly,’ Chris said.

‘Worse than Haworth?’

Mark was driving, Chris next to him. Fiona was in the back of the car with me. All of them nodded. ‘Worse than Haworth.’

Surely my friends were exaggerating. Nothing could be worse than the Haworth Full Bronte, with its sixteen per cent gradients.

uploaded March 2016 630

Penistone Hill, Haworth, aka A Beast


We drove out to Sheffield, through Hillsborough, and it didn’t seem particularly hilly at all. Then all of a sudden the scenery changed. Things became Continue reading