Great North Run – five weeks to go

THERE’S nothing better than getting your long run out of the way first thing on a Sunday morning.

By 11am I’d done 13.1 miles in one hour forty-eight. This was a minute and a half slower than last week’s run, but there were no asthma attacks and I felt okay (ish). Like last week I tried to do two miles at half marathon pace. The first was 7.07, well above my target pace of 6.55. The second was 6.51, below target pace. It’s still not right, but it was better than last week’s 6.53 and 7.26.

It’s five weeks to the Great North Run, so although I don’t have much time, I’m pleased that things are starting to come together. I’m even starting to look forward to it.

After the run I watched the Olympics for a bit (swimming and beach volleyball), had some lunch, then headed outside to spend some time with the menagerie. We had a lovely afternoon in the August sunshine, pottering in the field and taking the dogs for a long walk in the woods.


Hope you’ve had a good Sunday.



One thought on “Great North Run – five weeks to go

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