Come on the antibodies

Come on the antibodies

EVERY October I have a flu jab. Every year, it’s the same process. I call the doctor’s receptionist. She asks me why I qualify. I tell her I have asthma. She books me an appointment. I go, have the jab and survive the winter without getting flu.

But not this year. No. This year, the flu is causing chaos.

First of all, I missed my appointment. It was in the diary, but I was that busy I forgot to look at the diary. The NHS is already stretched to capacity and there I was costing it money for missed appointments. I called the doctor’s receptionist the next day with the intention of confessing my general incompetence and grovelling an apology.

The phone rang seven times before the receptionist picked up. ‘Can you HOLD?’ She said.

‘Er…yes.’ I said, feeling a bit startled by her tone.

The line went quiet for a long time. ‘Hello,’ I said. ‘Anyone there?’ I was just about Continue reading

The Running Week (17-23 October)

THERE wasn’t much running at all last week. By Friday, I’d only done two and a half miles. I had, however, written an essay on Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, completed a two-day coaching and mentoring course at work, and survived a very long day of team building.

I staggered home on Friday evening with only one thing on my mind. Not wine. Not chocolate. Running!

Here’s how the week looked.

Monday: I started writing Continue reading

Mistaken for a man and other things

ON a few occasions when I’ve been out running I’ve been mistaken for a man. The last time was back in February. As I passed an old chap on his mobility scooter, he shouted, ‘Go on, lad!’


‘Thank you,’ I said  in the most unmanly voice I could manage.

The man jumped. ‘Sorry, love. I thought you were a man.’

‘It’s okay.’ I said. And I sincerely meant it. I mean, under the cover of darkness, when someone just short of six-foot approaches you from behind, well, it’s an easy mistake to make. Plus he was an oldish chap, so I felt a bit sorry for him.

But then, he turned to me. ‘It’s because you’re so BIG,’ he said and as he spoke, he moved his arms wide apart not vertically, but horizontally. I’d had enough. I sprinted on, chuntering that Continue reading

The running week 10th – 16th October

The running week 10th – 16th October

A WEEKEND away to Edinburgh played havoc with my training last week. My friends have had a baby boy, so we were heading north to see them. I knew there wouldn’t be much running, so I tried to squeeze my key training runs into the first part of the week.

Monday was a track session. I was on my own but really enjoyed it. I did a 400, 300, 200 combo. Chris was ill so didn’t venture out.

Tuesday night is my strength class. I did a quick run, then went to Continue reading

Do NOT let me eat cake!

MY summer of cake eating has caught up with me. My jeans are starting to feel a little snug. My floaty dresses are significantly less floaty than they were at the start of the summer.


I’m not one for getting weighed every five minutes, but this morning, I decided that enough was enough I needed to assess the damage. I had to face up to things. I thought I may have gained one or two pounds, possibly three, definitely not more than four. Five max.

I stepped onto the scales. Then quickly stepped off again.

Nine stone nine and a quarter. That’s what it said. Nine stone nine and a quarter. That couldn’t be right. I reset the scales and tried again.

Nine stone nine and a half. Still not right. I reset the scales and placed them on a different tile in the bathroom. I took a deep breath, stepped back on.


I jumped off the scales, and threw them into the cupboard. Nine stone ten, almost 11. A gain of eight pounds. More than half a stone. I felt dizzy and a little sick. ‘Chris,’ I screamed.

Chris came running up the stairs. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I’m fat.’ I pointed into the cupboard where the scales lay upside down. ‘I’ve put on half a stone.’ Continue reading

All change for me

THERE hasn’t been a blog post for a while. I’ve missed it, but I had to take a bit of time out to get used to a new work, study and training routine.


Everything has changed for me this month. I have an exciting new writing job in Leeds and I’ve returned to university. I’m doing an MA Writing at Sheffield Hallam and a degree in English Literature with the Open University. Why I’m doing two degrees is beyond me! It seemed like a good idea at the time. And if that isn’t enough, we’re also planning our wedding.

With so much going on I was beginning to wonder when I would ever find the time to train. I’ve never been much of a planner, but I decided Continue reading