Good luck Mr Wells

Good luck Mr Wells

THIS weekend’s blog post is all about this man.


Chris, my fiancé, is running the Florence Marathon. Here he is supporting me at this year’s Great North Run. Tomorrow, I will be supporting him as he takes on the 26.2 mile distance for the fifth time.

His previous marathons were:

  • Blackpool, 2009, 3 hrs 55
  • Berlin, 2009, 5 hrs 19 (he ran with me, and I’d not trained)
  • Edinburgh, 2014, 2 hrs 53
  • York, 2015, 2 hrs 45 for 14th place!

Chris has been training hard for this marathon. While I’ve had several dramas and running-disasters, Chris has been quietly getting on with things. He’s put in the miles, and has even done Continue reading

Up and at ’em

I WAS up and at ’em yesterday morning for my first parkrun in eight months.

I’m not really sure what came over me, but I bounced out of bed and drove to Pontefract with Chris, determined to find out what kind of shape I’m in at the moment.

It wasn’t my fastest run. I clocked 21.07, almost a minute off my personal best, but it was the most enjoyable run I’ve had for a long time. I loved it.


In the few months since I’ve last raced at Pontefract a few things Continue reading

Take the C off chips and what do you get!

Take the C off chips and what do you get?


And mine are getting bigger. I’m still weighing in at a healthy nine stone 10, which is eight pounds more than I should be. I’ve been training a lot, and when I train I tell myself that it’s alright to have the odd treat. Everything in moderation and all that.

Unfortunately, my idea of moderation is not what other people may think is moderate. A family pack of Minstrels, Maltesers and a Dairy Milk in one evening seems fairly moderate to me. Others may disagree, of course, but they’d be wrong.

What I don’t think is moderate is having chips four times in one week. That is just wrong, very, very, very wrong. But it’s exactly what I did last week.

I was fine until Wednesday, but then I went Continue reading

Hoping the plan comes together

IN all my years of running I’ve never had a training schedule. I’ve always made it up as I go: hills one night, speed the next, a bit of tempo here, a threshold there. I’ve tagged onto other people’s training, joined in with club runs, but never had a plan telling me what I should be doing and when.

For a long time, my slap dash approach has worked. This is mainly because my friend Fiona is an amazing runner, so I trained with her as often as I could. Whatever she did. I did. This was great. I improved so much I even started picking up a few prizes, something I never thought would be possible. When Fiona had a good run, so did I. When Fiona was ill or injured, my fitness suffered. This didn’t bother me too much. I just carried on enjoying it all, amazed to be dong so well. With Fiona’s help, I got my 10k PB down to 40 minutes and won all of this and more.


I was even hopeful of breaking 40 minutes for 10k. I didn’t have a plan as to when and how this would happen. I just believed it would. I was really relaxed about it. I’d just continue training with my friend and it would come, no problem.

But it hasn’t come. I Continue reading

Standing on the sidelines

Standing on the sidelines

THE miracle recovery I’d hoped to make in time to race last weekend didn’t happen. I had to withdraw from the 10k and seek medical assistance instead.

Having spent weeks training for this particular 10k, I was really disappointed not to be on the start line. I did everything I could to be there, and didn’t want to admit defeat, but in the end I had no choice. I could barely walk, let alone run.

I went to the race to support Chris.

I stood on the sidelines and watched, but even that was too much. Later that night, I couldn’t Continue reading