Remembering the London Marathon

WHETHER you are running or supporting, there is something very special about the London Marathon.

Yesterday morning, I was up at quarter to six so that I could get my long run out-of-the-way before the start of the TV coverage at 8.30am. Run over, I plonked myself on the sofa and there I stayed for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon. Chris and I do this every year. We watch the coverage and track our friends, drink several cups of tea, eat a couple of toasted teacakes, and enjoy ourselves watching a sport we love.

Even before I started running, I was fascinated with the race. I remember watching Liz McColgan winning and thinking how amazing she was. I wasn’t a runner, but I was happy to sit in front of the TV for a few hours and do nothing but watch people run. It never even entered my head that I might be able to get off the sofa and run.

During my student days in London, we had a coordinated pub crawl along the marathon route. It was in one of these pubs that the idea of running the race first cropped up. Continue reading

Qualifying for the National Road Relays

WE did it! We only went and qualified for the National Road Relay Championships.

Barnsley AC ladies finished twelfth at the six stage Northern Road Relays in Blackpool, which means we get to do it all again today at the nationals. This is very exciting. But before we start thinking about competing against some of the best clubs in the country, I want to remember Blackpool, because it was a fantastic day, full of laughs, with great camaraderie.

I joined AC because I wanted to take part in the road relays, something Kingstone didn’t do, so I was delighted to make the ‘A’ team. Chris was in the men’s twelve stage race, so we decided to make a weekend of it. On Friday evening, once the dogs and horses were sorted in their foster care, we headed to Blackpool.

We’d booked a hotel on the edge of Stanley Park, but when we arrived it was in darkness. We turned into a long drive, with very low lighting, wondering where on earth we were. As I climbed out of the car, there was a noise, something rustling in the hedge next to us. I had a strange feeling that I was being watched.

I went to investigate Continue reading