How to read food labels

How to read food labels

IMAGINE the scene. It’s after lunch and I’m at my desk, busy with the day job, when I get that familiar hunger craving.

I head down to the university dining room, and stand in front of the counter surveying my options. There’s a Twix, a Twirl, a Snickers, and even a Mars Bar, but I resist. Eating chocolate is only something I tend to do in an evening, never during the day. It’s just a little rule I’ve set myself. By day, I always try to go for healthier options. By night, I’m a chocolate fiend (some of the time).

Anyway, back to the scene, I’m in front of the counter. Chocolate is a no. That limits my options. I can have an apple, a pear or a flapjack. I don’t want fruit so I reach for the flapjack. There’s a choice of plain flapjack, chocolate chip flapjack or fruit flapjack. I pick up Continue reading

Finding the motivation to train

FINDING the motivation to train is not something I usually struggle with, but after our wedding and honeymoon I am really struggling.

The week before last I trained only three times. Last week, only twice. I took a rest day on Thursday which ended up lasting all week. I even sat and watched the Great North Run on TV but didn’t feel at all inspired to run. I felt tired, fed up and had no enthusiasm for running whatsoever. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing a session and having to work really hard.

This isn’t like me at all. And it’s strange because Continue reading

Good luck for the Great North Run

THIS time last year I was in Newcastle ready to take part in the Great North Run.

I was running and raising money for Action for Children, a charity doing some amazing work for young people. It had been a last-minute decision because Chris and I had just returned from Vienna where we’d been celebrating his fortieth birthday. We went from Vienna to Newcastle only stopping at home briefly to pick up my kit-bag.

We’d consumed a fair bit of cake in Vienna, so I wasn’t sure how well I would run, but on the day, the atmosphere carried me round. I ran a perfect race (if I do say so myself), recording 22-minute 5km splits all the way, setting a personal best of one hour 34. Friends and family came to cheer me on, and I even got on telly twice. My mum spotted me coming over the bridge because of my ‘dodgy arm’. It really was a great day.

This morning, I can’t help feeling a Continue reading