Dewsbury 10k decisions

TO run at Dewsbury, or not to run at Dewsbury that is the question I’ve been asking myself.

The Dewsbury 10k, the first weekend in February, is where I’ve started my road racing season for the past few years. I’ve taken part five times, got a few PBs there, and always enjoyed it, even last year when it was over-distance.

It’s a good race on a flat and fast out and back course and, providing the turnaround cone is in the right place, it’s got great PB potential.

When I entered a few months ago I thought that by February I would be fit and ready to race, but the reality is that I’m not in the slightest bit fit. I’m probably less fit than when I entered.

Since then, I’ve been busy writing my novel, which is now at 60,000 words, but as for running, well! I’ve been ticking over with a few runs here and there, but training only really resumed last week, and this week the snow has caused havoc with my training. I know I could get round, but do I want to? I’ve always maintained that if I’m going to race, I want to be at my best. I want to have the fitness to push on, to race, to get a good time.

I’m definitely not at my best. A long way from it. If I ran at Dewsbury I’d just be disappointed with myself, which wouldn’t be good for my mindset, especially as I’ve been struggling with the January blues, more so than I ever have.

It could make me feel even more down and fed up, another below-par performance when I should be doing better. Or, it could help. Just getting out, getting a run in and enjoying it could give me a boost. But then again, a training run would do the same.

I’ve been debating this with myself for the last few weeks and then the race number arrived, which made me feel even more in a muddle. I left it on the side, unopened until this afternoon. I’m still no closer to a decision. Do I run? Do I do it as a training run? Do I stick to training? Do I wait until my fitness is back before I race? What to do?

It’s two weeks until race day, so I really need to make a decision soon.


One thought on “Dewsbury 10k decisions

  1. Liz, you should do it as a race, but not a target race. It will shoe you where your fitness is and you can see how much you’ve improved when you are fit later in the year. Don’t taper for it, just have a good run and fun with no pressure


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