9 reasons why the Great North Run is so special

THE Great North Run is one of the biggest half marathons in the UK if not the world. Each year around 57,000 runners take on the 13.1 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne to South Shields. But why is it so special?

You will be inspired
Whether you are running the race, spectating at the event, or watching on TV, you will be inspired. That’s guaranteed. There is something so amazing about watching thousands of runners with the same goal, but different reasons for running.

The other runners
The camaraderie from the other runners makes this race special. You have to run the Great North Run to really understand but the chances are that you will always be running in a big group. There is a shared understanding with other runners. And when you run through the tunnels there’s always an ‘Oggy, Oggy, Oggy’ chant!

The supporters
The Great North Run has become part of the North East culture. Thousands of the locals line the roads to cheer the runners on their way. There’s bands, music and lots of cheering, with possibly the odd beer or two.

The volunteers and organisation
For an event of this size a lot of work has to take place behind the scenes. The event wouldn’t be possible without the many volunteers who are committed to making the race a success. It’s a very well organised event.

The bridge and Red Arrows
Running over the iconic Tyne Bridge in the early part of the race is spectacular, especially with the Red Arrows flying overhead.

Medal and T-shirt
When you cross that finish line a goody bag including a medal and T-shirt is handed to you. The medal is one to treasure, and the T-shirt is great for training runs.

Elite race and celebrity spotting
The Great North Run always attracts big names in the world of athletics. Sir Mo Farah is a regular, as are a host of celebrities.

Fast course
The Great North Run is not entirely flat, but it is fast. And with all the support along the way, that PB you’re aiming for may be possible.

The last mile
The final mile is along the seafront at South Shields. It’s a great final mile, with lots of support, as you race towards the finish line.

The Great North Run is a fantastic event. Why is it special to you? Let me know in the comments.

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