Back to running and blogging

I’m back!

For a few months I haven’t been in the right mindset for running or blogging. I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but I’ve been feeling a little down, not my usual energetic self. I put it down to working hard, a ridiculously long commute and the hours I was spending working on my master’s degree.

I felt tired, but pushed on as determined as ever to achieve my goals. Work needed to be done, deadlines needed to be met. I felt sure that I’d snap out of the tiredness and get back to normal, but as the weeks and months went by, I realised it was more than just feeling tired. I was exhausted, possibly a bit depressed.

I’ve always been an early bird; bouncing out of bed at half five every morning is something that I’ve always done, but suddenly it became a struggle. Physically and mentally, I was drained.

‘You’re doing too much,’ everyone kept telling me, and by this I mean everyone from my mum to the woman in the local shop.

‘You need a rest’

‘You’re always working.’

For the first time in my life, I decided to listen and I took a break from running and blogging. A long break, longer than I wanted, but actually it was needed.

And it’s worked because now I feel better than ever. My energy is back, my enthusiasm is back, and I am so excited that blogging and training have resumed. I have goals and ambitions, and the great thing is that now I have the energy to achieve them.

Not only am I back, but I’ve used the break as a chance to make a few technical changes and refresh the look of the blog. Sarah from G-Creative has kindly designed my new logo, which I love, Matt from Jam Internet has sorted the technical aspects, (thanks both) and I’ve been working on new content.

It feels the right time to make my running and blogging comeback.

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