British Masters Road Relay Championships 2017

A FEW weeks ago I joined Barnsley AC ladies competing at the National Road Relay Championships in Sutton Park.

We were racing against some very fast athletes of all ages and abilities. I think it’s fair to say we were a veteran team, up against the very best in the country, most of them much younger than us.

I was worried we might come last. In fact, I was very worried about this. But we didn’t. Everyone in the team ran the best they possibly could. We finished a very respectable 31st out of 40-something teams.

Just being part of the race was one of the best moments of my running career so far. In fact, the best. The sun was shining. The ice cream vans were out in force. I even thought I spotted Mo Farah (I didn’t. I was hallucinating with the effort of five miles in blistering sunshine).

It was a great day, which is why I’m looking forward to returning to Sutton Park today, this time, for the Masters Championships, also known as the old folks’ races. Competing against people our own age, I’m confident we won’t come last (fingers crossed anyway). Even if we did, it doesn’t matter because these events are all about the team spirit, doing your best and enjoying the day. I can’t wait!

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