Finding the time and motivation to train

Finding the time and motivation to train

TO reach your running potential you have to train hard, keep motivated and prioritise running. Unfortunately since returning from honeymoon in July I’ve struggled to find the time or motivation necessary to do well. I’ve really not been bothered.

You could say I’ve been coasting, happy to run when I feel like it, happy to have days off. It’s been a choice I’ve made because other things in my life have taken priority including starting a new job, launching a creative writing group, and doing a master’s degree in writing. As well as this I commute for at least ten hours a week (AT LEAST!), have three horses, two dogs and a rabbit to look after, not forgetting the husband, who I’d love to spend more time with if only there were more hours in the day.

Running has plummeted to the bottom of my list of priorities. I’ve still trained, but not in the consistent or hard way that’s necessary to make progress. I knew I’d lost fitness, so I decided to do a few parkruns and a 10k race to assess the damage. I completed a hilly parkrun in 21.44 minutes and a flat 10k in 42.16, both are a long way from my best but I was pleased with them.

That said, I know I can do better. I know that Continue reading


Finding the motivation to train

FINDING the motivation to train is not something I usually struggle with, but after our wedding and honeymoon I am really struggling.

The week before last I trained only three times. Last week, only twice. I took a rest day on Thursday which ended up lasting all week. I even sat and watched the Great North Run on TV but didn’t feel at all inspired to run. I felt tired, fed up and had no enthusiasm for running whatsoever. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing a session and having to work really hard.

This isn’t like me at all. And it’s strange because Continue reading