Training resumes – Great Eastern Half Marathon, week one

GETTING back into training after a wonderful honeymoon and weeks of wedding planning has been very difficult. I started with a few easy runs, which didn’t feel easy at all, then it was time to step things up.


Training for the Great Eastern half marathon began last Monday. It was awful, utterly dreadful in fact. I did seven miles with Chris on the trans pennine trail. The 8.50 minute mile pace was hard work, and I huffed and puffed, but felt great afterwards.

On Tuesday the plan was a four mile tempo with friends, followed by a one mile faster. I set off gently up the hill on our usual route, but despite going much slower than I usually do, my body felt heavy. Half way up the hill, I wanted to stop and Continue reading


The Running Week (17-23 October)

THERE wasn’t much running at all last week. By Friday, I’d only done two and a half miles. I had, however, written an essay on Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, completed a two-day coaching and mentoring course at work, and survived a very long day of team building.

I staggered home on Friday evening with only one thing on my mind. Not wine. Not chocolate. Running!

Here’s how the week looked.

Monday: I started writing Continue reading

The running week (12-18th September)

Here’s my training for the week after the Great North Run, where poor nutrition set me back.

Sunday was race day. I ran a PB, but didn’t eat well for the rest of the day. After the race, I had two Mars Bars, a nutty protein type bar, a tiny bag of Haribo sweets, a shop-bought protein drink (not my usual recovery drink), and lots of water. It took us hours to get back to the hotel. I missed lunch, not eating until 7pm, by which time I was so hungry I stuffed my face with a giant burger and chips (with onion rings, cheese, mushroom, bacon). I was still hungry so ordered another portion of chips.


Monday: I woke up absolutely starving, so rushed down to breakfast without showering or applying any makeup. I needed food. I tucked into fruit and yoghurt, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, sausages and I think I had a tomato too. We drove back from Newcastle, heading straight to the cake shop to collect Chris’ 40th birthday cake.

Continue reading

The Running Week – 15th to 21st August

KEEPING motivated is hard, but I’m trying to stay focused and strong. Here’s how training looked last week.

Monday: This was a steady paced hilly run over seven and a half miles. I really enjoyed it, even though I had Continue reading

The Running Week and Olympic dreams

STAYING up to watch the Olympics meant I had a few late nights last week. On Saturday I didn’t go to bed until 4am (technically Sunday). I haven’t seen 4am since the nineteen nineties. The late Olympic nights are starting to take their toll on my body, but they’re really inspiring my mind.

‘I’m going to the next Olympics,’ I told Chris. We were sitting on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV while munching our way through a family bag of minstrels.

‘Pardon? Chris said.

‘I’m going to the next Olympics.’

‘Hahahahhaha.’ Chris almost fell off the sofa laughing. Thankfully, his reaction did not crush my Olympic dreams.

‘I am,’ I said. ‘I want to do that.’ I pointed to the telly where an Olympic gymnast was spinning round in the air. He landed on the mat then launched himself into the air again, resuming his spinning and somersaulting. ‘Well maybe not gymnastics,’ I said. ‘I’ve never been able to do a forward roll, but I could do something else.’

The BBC coverage switched to rowing. ‘I’m tall,’ I said. ‘I could be a rower.’

‘Have you seen how skinny your shoulders are?’ Chris pointed to my shoulders. ‘Rowers need big arms.’

I wondered which sport required big legs and bony shoulders. Cycling? That was it I’d Continue reading

The Running Week – 1st to 7th August

I CAN’T believe it’s August already. Where’s the summer going? I’m determined to make the most of the warm weather and light evenings, so much so that I’ve spent most of the week outside. And I’m pleased to say that it’s been a good training week, but there’s still a long way to go.

Monday: Chris joined me for a steady eight-mile run. It was steady for Continue reading

The running week – quality over quantity

The running week – quality over quantity

I ONLY trained four times last week, but I’d like to think they were quality miles. This is what I tell myself to feel better. Anyway, here’s how the training week looked.

Monday: I had an appointment with Jon Grayson from The Physios in Sheffield. After reading about my recent duck-waddling fitness assessment, The Physios contacted me (through a friend) to see if they could help. Given that my confidence has been completely shattered, I was very grateful, although a little anxious about it. Continue reading