Edinburgh Half Marathon – ten weeks to go

Panic stations. It’s less than 10 weeks until the Edinburgh Half Marathon, and I’ve not really done much training. I’ve done a lot of spinning and written a book, but running has not been happening.

So this morning, I went onto the Edinburgh website and changed my predicted race time. When I entered, I was determined to break one hour 30, but that was last year when I was still running. There’s no way I can do that in 10 weeks, and I didn’t fancy lining up on the start next to all the super speedy runners. Instead, I’ve put myself at one hour 45, and even that could be a tad optimistic.

For me, Edinburgh will not be about getting a specific time, it will be about enjoying the race. It can’t be anything else because I’m not fit. I made a choice to put training second to writing, so can’t expect to be setting any personal bests.

What I can do though is make the most of the remaining 10 weeks by actually doing some training, including the Sunday morning long run. It’s been so long since I actually trained properly that I’ve forgotten what’s involved: the hard work, dedication, and focus.

I don’t have time to train like I used to, nor do I want to (at the moment), but I do want to get out and put some miles in so that when race day arrives, I feel ready and prepared to run. Note I said, run and not race.

My plan is to see how the 10 weeks of training go. If I feel okay and have time, then I’ll step things up to focus on another half in the autumn, or maybe a 10k, or even just a 5k. We will see.┬áBut at least for now, I have something to focus on. Better dust off my trainers and make a start.

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