Edinburgh Half Marathon: Training week one

I SHOULD be celebrating because last week I completed my first full week of training. This is very exciting stuff. I’m not fit, but at least I’m on the way to fitness. I’ve got time too, because the Edinburgh Half Marathon is not until May.

Here’s the training week:

Monday: I forced myself out for a 5km run at an easy pace in the rain. Once I was out, I really enjoyed it. 3.1 miles at 8.45 pace.

Tuesday: I met some friends for 10 x 450m reps. It was a bit of a shock to the system but I completed the full session and even when it was hurting and I wanted to stop I carried on. Result! 6.3 miles at 7.55 average.

Wednesday: Late back from work, I went out for a two-mile run. Not a great distance but it was almost time for bed, and at least I did something. Two miles at 8.45 average.

Thursday: Chris and I ran together. Chris helped me through 4 x 5 minute efforts. The pace wasn’t great at all. I tried not to focus on what I used to do, but instead tried to keep them as consistent as I could. 5.82 miles at 8.32 average pace.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: This was my most enjoyable run of the week. I managed to muck the horses out, meet some writing deadlines and still get out for a run in daylight (just). I did a fartlek session. There was no structure. I just ran according to how I felt, and I felt good. Five miles at 8.18 average.

Sunday: My long run wasn’t particularly long (six miles), but as I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I just wanted to get out and run. Six miles at 8.36 pace.

So, a 28.3 mile week with three faster sessions. It’s a start!

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