Edinburgh Half Marathon: Week two

SNOW and ice got in the way of my training last week, which was disappointing and means that this training update is rather short. I did wonder whether it was worth posting, but I’m being honest. And I still did something.

Here’s the training for week two (15 to 21 January): 


No running. I had a writing evening. Work on my running book has been going very well and I’m around 60,000 words into the first draft. It is distracting me from running, but I’m better at writing than running, so perhaps it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


I wanted to do a track session but the track at work was covered in snow. Instead I did an evening run of five miles with Chris and a friend. It was cold and slippery but I loved it.


I met a friend after work so there was no running.


On Thursday I joined friends for a session consisting of 5 x 200m, 2 x 400m and 5 x 200m. It was tough, but I was pleased I’d done it.


After work Chris and I enjoyed a four-mile recovery run.


I had to run early because my day was going to be hectic. I got half a mile into it before I fell on the ice and had to abort. I returned home and did a 45-minute cross training session instead.


It was snowing and because I’d fallen the day before I was reluctant to run and a little sore. Instead I focused on writing, submitting 10,000 words to discuss with my mentors.

And that’s it. 16.9 miles and a 45-minute cross training session. Better than nothing I suppose.

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