Finding the motivation to train

FINDING the motivation to train is not something I usually struggle with, but after our wedding and honeymoon I am really struggling.

The week before last I trained only three times. Last week, only twice. I took a rest day on Thursday which ended up lasting all week. I even sat and watched the Great North Run on TV but didn’t feel at all inspired to run. I felt tired, fed up and had no enthusiasm for running whatsoever. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing a session and having to work really hard.

This isn’t like me at all. And it’s strange because at work and in my writing, I was more motivated than ever. In those areas of my life I went into superwoman mode, sending out press releases by the dozen, organising interviews, hosting a new writing group, writing and submitting 7,000 words on one book, 2,000 on another, setting up a tutorial for my master’s degree and on it went.

But to run. The thought of going outside and running. No. Didn’t want to. The two runs I did manage were terrible and I felt dreadful. During the track session, I was lapped several times which did wonders for my motivation. During the following day’s recovery run in Notton Wood I felt so tired I thought I wouldn’t make it home.

I had four days off. Two of those were work and writing days, but the other two were complete rest days where I did absolutely nothing. Not a thing. And I did not feel guilty at all. I even munched my way through Chris’ birthday cake and didn’t feel guilty.


I’m not sure why I’ve lost my motivation for running. Perhaps it’s getting back to reality after a wonderful and hectic few months with the wedding. I’m not sure. All I know is that in my running I don’t feel myself.

On Monday, I still didn’t want to run, so to motivate myself I decided I would run for fun, with no set route or plan. I wouldn’t have to push myself. I would just run at any old pace and enjoy it. And that is exactly what I did.

It was great. I loved it. I felt better, so much better that on Tuesday I couldn’t wait to go again and I wanted to run faster. I managed to do a threshold session. It’s a start.

I’ve got a half marathon race in a few months. I haven’t done the training, but I’m still going to run. My plan is to forget about times and just run for the sheer enjoyment of running. Hopefully, somewhere on the route, I will find my motivation again.


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