Hello! It’s been a while.

Hello! It’s been a while. I hope you are well and staying safe during this difficult time. No doubt, some of you have forgotten you ever subscribed to this blog, so this will be a surprise. A pleasant one, I hope.

Back in November last year, I decided to take a short break from blogging. I was busy juggling work with writing my novel and training for a sub-one-hour-thirty half marathon. As much as I enjoy blogging, I knew I couldn’t do it all. My plan was to take only a short break, a month maybe two. Five months later and not one blog post has been written.

In the weeks before the pandemic hit the UK, I’d even considered closing the blog. Before making any decisions, I decided to think it through. And then along came coronavirus, which gave me more than enough thinking time.

The events of the last few weeks have been devastating. The loss and sadness is huge. It’s made me realise what is important in life. It really is the little things that I miss the most: a hug from my niece; a cup of tea and a chat with mum and dad; a meal out with friends.

To help me cope, I’ve turned to running and writing, two of my main passions in life. I’ve realised that I need them now more than ever. So, rather than closing the blog, I’m making a comeback. I’m feeling determined and energised to get back to regular blogging and coaching.

So, what can you expect?
I’ll be sharing a variety of content including training advice, stories from other runners and my running journey. I hope it helps you, particularly through these challenging days.

I’m also continuing to coach. My coaching packages are available online and I’d love to work with you. Whether you’re new to running, or want to get fitter, faster and stronger, I can help you.

I’m a qualified fitness instructor and UK Athletics coach in running fitness. I love coaching runners of all ages and abilities to achieve their running and fitness goals. I also believe that fitness should be fun so expect smiles and laughs on the way. If you’re interested in working with me, find out more here.

Even on a bad day, exercise always makes me feel more positive and energised. And, right now, I think we all need to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy.

I’m always pleased to hear from readers of my blog, so please get in touch. You can email me at championrunning@yahoo.co.uk.

It’ll be great to hear from you.

Stay safe and keep running.

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