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IT’S been absolutely ages since my last blog post but I have a very good excuse. We got married, went on honeymoon and have been enjoying married life!

After eleven years together, Chris and I finally tied the knot on June 24th. We had an amazing day and enjoyed every moment. We wanted a small wedding with a party atmosphere, and that’s exactly what we got.


We partied for thirteen hours. The dancing started before lunch and continued well into the night. Everyone was on the dance floor, twisting, turning, and throwing some very strange shapes. The first dance was an un-rehearsed and un-choreographed slow number to the Stereophonics’ Song for the Summer. The second dance was a much more energetic affair to We are the Champions by Queen. Only Champion-family members for that one!


I danced and I danced and I danced some more. I danced like no one was watching. And even though I’d not been getting much sleep in the run-up to the wedding, I still had so much energy. In fact, I’d been surprised at how much energy I’d had. In the days and weeks before, my body went into overdrive. I felt amazing and got so much done. But during the last hour of the wedding,  I struggled. That last hour was a real test of my endurance. I was absolutely exhausted.

I suppose I’d hit the dancing equivalent of The Wall, that part of a marathon when your body runs out of energy and has to rely on fat stores for fuel. I was so tired, I wanted the lovely day to end, but trying to get friends from running club to step away from the dance floor and go home was difficult. The party went on and on…


The next day, I woke up feeling worse than when I’ve run a marathon. Every part of my body ached. And it wasn’t just the aches and pains from my exuberant dancing. It was a general fatigue from the weeks and months of planning and preparation for the wedding, not to mention the studying, and the training I’d been doing.

I was exhausted. Heading off on honeymoon, I slept most of the way there.

I’m so used to training and doing things, day in day out, that during the first few days of our holiday, I found it hard to unwind. Our marriage almost started in divorce when I dragged Chris out to train in forty-seven degree heat. It was after a 10 x 300m session on a cliff overlooking the sea that I decided that this was my honeymoon and I was not prepared to put myself through the pain of training.

‘Enough,’ I told Chris. ‘I’ve had enough!’ From the look on his face, I think he thought I’d had enough of him!

‘Of running,’ I said, just to clarify.

After a brief chat, we decided that rest and relaxation are important in any training programme. Over the past few years, my only time off from running has been when I’ve been ill or injured. The decision was made. Rest and relaxation were needed. We still ran, of course, but we abandoned the training sessions. It was a good decision.

There are a few photos of our wedding on our photographer’s blog here.



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