Injury strikes again

I’m injured…again!

I was just starting to feel really fit after my knee injury. I’d got a few PBs, training was going well. I was enjoying my running. And then it started…

I got a calf niggle. That calf niggle became an Achilles niggle, that niggle became painful. My hip started hurting in sympathy. I carried on training. I hoped the pain would vanish and all would be well. I ran 12 miles last Sunday with my hip and foot giving me a bit of pain. By the twelfth mile they were screaming at me. I ran home. My foot was three times the size it should have been. I iced it. I knew I’d have to rest.

I had Monday and Tuesday off. On Wednesday morning I ran three miles to test my foot. It seemed much better. On Wednesday evening it was my club’s charity relay event. I’d planned to jog round. I didn’t. I set off at 5.40 minute mile pace and finished like a sprinter. When the endorphins were flowing and I was racing and having fun, I didn’t feel any pain. When I’d finished I didn’t stretch. I clapped and cheered and enjoyed watching my teammates run. When I tried to do a warm down after the race, I couldn’t. I could barely walk.

I had a few more days off. I iced my injuries. I went to yoga and pilates, but I didn’t run.

On Saturday I ran three miles. I didn’t feel right, but I felt better. On Sunday I agreed to meet a friend to run six miles. She was doing 16 but there was no way I’d be able to manage that. Even without injury I’d struggle with that kind of distance. We were running out and back on the canal. It was sunny, we were chatting. We ended up doing eight miles together. I hoped my body would cope.

I’m touching wood as I type this, but my injuries seem to be getting better. I’ve also had a good look at my training to work out what’s going wrong. Basically I’ve neglected yoga and core work. I love running so I never miss a training session, but with yoga and strength training there are times when I have missed it, or not done it at all for ages. But if doing a yoga or strength class means I can run, then that’s what I will have to do. It really is worth it!

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