Less slapdash more structure – a new organised me for 2017

Hello! Hope you all had a very happy Christmas.

For me, it’s been a hectic one. Not least because I left my Christmas preparations until a few days before Christmas. The mile-long queues in Clinton’s Cards nearly sent me into meltdown. I decided then and there that I needed to take action.

I’m no longer going to be last-minute at everything I do. In the new year I am going to emerge as one of those super organised types who juggles a million and one things, and breezes through life without any panic or stress.

My other goals for 2017 involve running and writing. In running, I’d like to break 40 minutes for 10k. To do this, I’d also like to break 20 minutes for 5k. It’s going to be difficult. My current fitness is not what it was. I clocked a 21.23 at parkrun on Christmas Day and 41.43 for a recent 10k. But I know that with hard work I can do it.

My first goal is to get back into PB shape for a sub 41 minutes at the Dewsbury 10k in February. This sounds fine, but I almost missed the entry deadline! This is why I need to get organised.

Penistone road league me on the hill

In my writing, I want to continue with my blog. I love writing it. I love it even more that a few people also read it. I’d like my blogging approach to be less slapdash and more structured. This applies to all areas of my life really.

I’m also writing a running book. This coming year, I’d like to finish writing it and start approaching some agents. I would then like to be offered a six-figure publishing deal, and live happily ever after. First things first though, I need to find time to finish writing it.

My other goals for 2017 are to read more and bake more. I love both, but because life is always so busy, I don’t get much time. It’s important to make time. The new organised me will be able to fit all this in and more.

Some of the books I’d like to read or reread


My final goal is to plan our wedding so that everything goes smoothly and we have a perfect day. I don’t want any organisational mishaps.


So now comes the difficult part. How do I actually get organised? Of this I’m not entirely sure. Ideas on a postcard…


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