My running group is up and running

The first session with my new running group took place last Thursday.

It was a fantastic turnout with runners of all ages and abilities turning up to support me as I train to become a coach in running fitness.

I’d planned it in advance. I’d detailed what I would say and what I would do. I’d filled in the relevant UK Athletics coaching documents. I’d bought a PE whistle. I’d checked out the ability of each athlete and planned a session accordingly. Everything was planned to perfection. Of course, it all went out the window when I was faced with 15 runners eager to get on with it.

Coaching is a tough job. Everyone has their own style and running technique. Everyone runs at different speeds. At the front I’d got sub 18-minute 5k runners. At the back I had 30-minute 5k runners. I tried to support everyone, running from the back to the front and front to the back in an attempt to be the most supportive coach that ever existed. I blew my whistle and shouted encouragement.

I hope the runners enjoyed it. They seemed to, but it’s really hard to tell when people are running. There was a lot of huffing and puffing. Some turned red. Others went white. Someone said they might have a heart attack. Thankfully, no-one did.

I’m pleased to say that they all survived.

Everyone worked really hard. In fact, I was really impressed at just how hard they worked and how determined they are to improve. This is a good thing really as I’ve called my group the Improvers Group. We are all on a mission to improve. Let’s see what week two brings.

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