British Masters Road Relay Championships 2017

A FEW weeks ago I joined Barnsley AC ladies competing at the National Road Relay Championships in Sutton Park.

We were racing against some very fast athletes of all ages and abilities. I think it’s fair to say we were a veteran team, up against the very best in the country, most of them much younger than us.

I was worried we might come last. In fact, I was very worried about this. But we didn’t. Everyone in the team ran the best they possibly could. We finished a very respectable 31st out of 40-something teams.

Just being part of the race was one of the best moments of my running career so far. In fact, the best. The sun was shining. The ice cream vans were out in force. I even thought I spotted Mo Farah (I didn’t. I was hallucinating with the effort of five miles in blistering sunshine).

It was a great day, which is why I’m looking forward to returning to Sutton Park today, this time, for the Masters Championships, also known as the old folks’ races. Competing against people our own age, I’m confident we won’t come last (fingers crossed anyway). Even if we did, it doesn’t matter because these events are all about the team spirit, doing your best and enjoying the day. I can’t wait!

Racing or Wedding dress fitting?

Racing or Wedding dress fitting?

On Wednesday night I should have been racing. It was the Askern 10k, and after last year’s disastrous run, I wanted revenge. But no matter how much I wanted to run, things conspired against me.

The first mistake was not filling the entry form in on time. There had been several Facebook notices along these lines: ‘It’s the last running of Askern. Get your entry forms in early,’ and ‘Askern sold out last year. Enter now.’

Upon seeing these notices, I made a mental note that I must enter as soon as possible, and then no sooner had the mental-note been made, I forgot all about it. A few weeks later, I mentioned to Chris that we’d have to get organised and get our forms in. ‘People are talking about it selling out and all sorts!’ I said.

I turned on the laptop, went to the Askern entry page, and what did I find. ‘It’s full,’ I said.  ‘Look,’ I pointed at the screen. ‘FULL.’ I couldn’t believe it. ‘I mean, who wants  to run round Askern on a Wednesday night anyway?

‘About 800 people,’ Chris said.

‘I can’t believe it’s so popular. It always rains.’ Last year, I’d had a terrible mascara moment, finishing the race looking like Alice Cooper. This year, I wanted to run because it was the last running of the race. After this year, the Askern 10k will be no more. They are building houses on the site of the finish line or something, which is a real shame. I wanted to be there for that final race.

Not to be defeated, I put myself on a waiting list with the race organisers. I also started asking around. Surely someone, somewhere would want to give me their race number. After a few weeks, I’d had no luck. But then one Tuesday evening at the track, talk turned to Askern.

‘I’ve had a senior moment,’ one of the ladies said. ‘I’ve only gone and entered the race twice by accident.’

‘Twice?’ That meant she had a spare number. ‘I’ll have it,’ I said.

I was sorted. All I had to do was contact the race organisers, transfer the details, and pay my friend for the number. It was all looking good to make my Askern finale.

But then, I had a wedding dress fitting. My dress was too big, on account of recent weight loss. ‘You’ll have to come back for another fitting,’ the wedding dress woman told me.

I nodded. That didn’t sound a problem. Another chance to try on my lovely dress.


Not my actual dress!

‘We only do fittings on a Wednesday evening,’ she said.

That didn’t sound too good. Wednesday is my busy day. My Wednesday evenings between then and the wedding were looking rather booked up. I looked at my diary. ‘Which Wednesday?’

She looked at her diary. ‘You’ll have to come back on Wednesday 17th.’

The evening of the Askern 10k. ‘No,’ I said. ‘I can’t do that.’

‘You really need to,’ she said. Continue reading

The Sunday long run

The Sunday long run

IT seems that miracles can happen, because yesterday I had a good long run and enjoyed it too.

Usually I spend most of the week dreading my long run. I manage to drag myself out but it’s always hard work and seems to take forever. Yesterday was different. My legs felt fresh and full of running. I breezed out of the house and was amazed at how good I felt.

On a normal day, I get half a mile down the road, before my legs feel heavy and I start feeling tired, but yesterday that feeling never came. I floated past my usual fatigue spot, and on I went. I kept thinking that I’d not be able to sustain my pace, and I’d do what I could before I got too tired and then I’d crawl home. But not once did I feel tired.

My pace was around 7.40, which is a long-run record for me (it’s usually 8.30 a mile). I even got quicker, completing ten miles in one hour 18 minutes.

running feet unsplash

On any other Sunday, I’ll stagger home, open the door and tell Chris how awful I feel and how much I hate running. Yesterday when I got home, I just felt confused about why I’d run so well.

‘I can’t believe it,’ I said. ‘I’ve had a good run.’

‘Never?’ Chris said.

‘Really good! Not sure what happened. It’s a miracle.’

‘You were due a good one,’ Chris said.

I wondered why my run had gone so well. There were two changes to my normal routine. Firstly, Continue reading

Remembering the London Marathon

WHETHER you are running or supporting, there is something very special about the London Marathon.

Yesterday morning, I was up at quarter to six so that I could get my long run out-of-the-way before the start of the TV coverage at 8.30am. Run over, I plonked myself on the sofa and there I stayed for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon. Chris and I do this every year. We watch the coverage and track our friends, drink several cups of tea, eat a couple of toasted teacakes, and enjoy ourselves watching a sport we love.

Even before I started running, I was fascinated with the race. I remember watching Liz McColgan winning and thinking how amazing she was. I wasn’t a runner, but I was happy to sit in front of the TV for a few hours and do nothing but watch people run. It never even entered my head that I might be able to get off the sofa and run.

During my student days in London, we had a coordinated pub crawl along the marathon route. It was in one of these pubs that the idea of running the race first cropped up. Continue reading

Qualifying for the National Road Relays

WE did it! We only went and qualified for the National Road Relay Championships.

Barnsley AC ladies finished twelfth at the six stage Northern Road Relays in Blackpool, which means we get to do it all again today at the nationals. This is very exciting. But before we start thinking about competing against some of the best clubs in the country, I want to remember Blackpool, because it was a fantastic day, full of laughs, with great camaraderie.

I joined AC because I wanted to take part in the road relays, something Kingstone didn’t do, so I was delighted to make the ‘A’ team. Chris was in the men’s twelve stage race, so we decided to make a weekend of it. On Friday evening, once the dogs and horses were sorted in their foster care, we headed to Blackpool.

We’d booked a hotel on the edge of Stanley Park, but when we arrived it was in darkness. We turned into a long drive, with very low lighting, wondering where on earth we were. As I climbed out of the car, there was a noise, something rustling in the hedge next to us. I had a strange feeling that I was being watched.

I went to investigate Continue reading

Northern Road Relays 2017

UP until Wednesday I was all set to race 5km at today’s Northern Road Relays. Then, late on Wednesday afternoon, I got a text message.

‘Hi Liz, would you mind doing a long leg on Saturday pretty please.’

I was at university at the time, enjoying a cuppa and a flapjack with my friends. I glanced at the message. Something had obviously gone amiss with our team.

Immediately I replied, ‘No probs,’ and carried on chatting with my friends. In fact, I carried on chatting for a good few minutes before something dawned on me.

‘How long’s a long leg?’

‘What you on about?’ My Uni-writing friends stared at me, puzzled looks on their faces.

‘Running,’ I said. ‘I’ve just signed up to a long leg and I don’t know how long a long leg actually is!’

I tried to think. Continue reading

Running and racing so far in 2017

THIS week I start my next block of training. My target race is the Salford 10k on Good Friday where I am aiming to break 41 minutes and get near to my 40:31 personal best. But before I focus on my next goal I wanted to look back at what I achieved during my last block of training.

It started in December with the Percy Pud 10k. It was my first 10k in six months and I was a bit race rusty. I found the race tough. I ran 41:43, just squeezing into the medals with third vet 35. I was pleased with the time, considering I’d not raced for a while, and happy to be back racing. The other great thing about the Pud was that we were joined by Olympians Eilish McColgan and Michael Rimmer.

This is Eilish McColgan gliding into the finish.


And this is me stomping towards the finish.

Later in December I managed to run sub 21 at Pontefract parkrun, something I’d not done for a while. I clocked 20:58. Unfortunately on Christmas day I could only manage 21:23. Rather than let this ruin my Christmas I decided my slowness could have been down to a slight hamstring niggle and a bit of a cold. A few festive drinks later and I’d forgotten all about it.

My first race of 2017 was the 5,000m track race at Dorothy Hyman stadium, where it was rather windy. I finished in 21:21.

A couple of weeks later, back at Pontefract I ran Continue reading