Parkrun fun at Nostell Priory

When my friend texted me on Friday morning to see if I wanted to join him for a Saturday park run I didn’t think I’d have the energy to take part.

‘Not sure,’ I replied. ‘Will let you know.’

nostell valentine's day
At the Nostell Priory Parkrun on Valentine’s Day. Guess which runner couldn’t find her red running vest the morning of the race?

After a busy week at work (not that I’m complaining), 5am starts for the horses and lots of speed and hill training, it’s fair to say I was feeling a little tired. Actually exhausted might be a better word.

I thought Friday night’s training session of three 1.5 mile reps might finish me off. But rather than tire me out completely, my run seemed to give me a boost. On the first rep I smashed my personal best by 20 seconds. The second and third reps were also good – all well below seven minute mile pace. I couldn’t believe it.

I texted my friend: ‘See you in the morning!’

My plan was to blast round as quickly as I could in preparation for my main race next weekend. I thought I might feel heavy-legged and tired. I didn’t. In fact I felt strong, the strongest I’ve felt all year. I managed a personal best by two seconds finishing the tough course in 21.12.

It’s always good to get a PB.

After the death of my grandad in December and the injury to my intercostal muscles also in December, I’ve been struggling for fitness. I’ve got back into regular training but I was beginning to think that my fitness would never return. Getting that two second PB made my day. It was a turning point. It has given me hope that maybe 2015 can be just as good running-wise as it was in 2014, where I seemed to get PB after PB.

I was pleased I’d taken part in the run. There’s always a great sense of achievement after a race. The endorphins are flowing, and no matter how tough the race, I always feel fantastic. At Nostell Priory Parkrun there’s a lovely café so we always have a tea or hot chocolate afterwards. In terms of atmosphere it’s difficult to find anywhere better than Nostell. After the race on Saturday the organisers handed out doughnuts as a little treat for Mother’s Day. They were delicious – a perfect way to celebrate a good run and get my energy back for the next race.


  1. Tracy
    17th March 2015 / 8:20 am

    Great read Liz and I’m really pleased you’re training is going well. Keep up the great work. 🏃😄

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