Positive thinking

JANUARY seemed to drag, but February is flying by. I’ve been busy with our house renovations and finishing some writing submissions, but the good thing is that I’ve still been running.

In fact, I’m feeling much more positive about training. My fitness isn’t great, but there are sixteen weeks until the Edinburgh Half Marathon. I keep telling myself not to panic because I have time.

I’ve found it difficult to juggle running, work, home and study commitments, but I’m doing okay. I’ve decided that rather than being hard on myself that I’m not doing anything well, I’m going to think positive. Because actually, I’ve not done too bad.

I’ve made it through to the final stage of my Master’s degree, which has involved three years of hard work (one more to go). I’ve got a job I enjoy. Some of my creative writing has been accepted for publication and I’ve just about written the first draft of my running book.

And while I may not be able to 6.30 minute mile at the moment, I can still run. Which means that there is still hope that I will get back to racing again. After being unsure whether or not to run the Dewsbury 10k, I decided against it. If I’m racing, I want to do the best I can, not jog round feeling disgusted at myself for not doing the training.

I’ve accepted that it’s just not been possible to train like I did. I’ve had to focus on other things, and that’s fine for now, but with the half marathon looming, I need to step things up. I’ll still have to juggle everything, but with more daylight, I’ll hopefully have more opportunities to squeeze in a run.

It’s not getting dark until after five now, which has done wonders for my mood. Positive thinking, more daylight and Spring just around the corner, will surely mean that I can get back to full fitness. Let’s hope so.

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