The Sunday long run

The Sunday long run

IT seems that miracles can happen, because yesterday I had a good long run and enjoyed it too.

Usually I spend most of the week dreading my long run. I manage to drag myself out but it’s always hard work and seems to take forever. Yesterday was different. My legs felt fresh and full of running. I breezed out of the house and was amazed at how good I felt.

On a normal day, I get half a mile down the road, before my legs feel heavy and I start feeling tired, but yesterday that feeling never came. I floated past my usual fatigue spot, and on I went. I kept thinking that I’d not be able to sustain my pace, and I’d do what I could before I got too tired and then I’d crawl home. But not once did I feel tired.

My pace was around 7.40, which is a long-run record for me (it’s usually 8.30 a mile). I even got quicker, completing ten miles in one hour 18 minutes.

running feet unsplash

On any other Sunday, I’ll stagger home, open the door and tell Chris how awful I feel and how much I hate running. Yesterday when I got home, I just felt confused about why I’d run so well.

‘I can’t believe it,’ I said. ‘I’ve had a good run.’

‘Never?’ Chris said.

‘Really good! Not sure what happened. It’s a miracle.’

‘You were due a good one,’ Chris said.

I wondered why my run had gone so well. There were two changes to my normal routine. Firstly, Continue reading

Great North Run – five weeks to go

Great North Run – five weeks to go

THERE’S nothing better than getting your long run out of the way first thing on a Sunday morning.

By 11am I’d done 13.1 miles in one hour forty-eight. This was a minute and a half slower than last week’s run, but there were no Continue reading

The running week – quality over quantity

The running week – quality over quantity

I ONLY trained four times last week, but I’d like to think they were quality miles. This is what I tell myself to feel better. Anyway, here’s how the training week looked.

Monday: I had an appointment with Jon Grayson from The Physios in Sheffield. After reading about my recent duck-waddling fitness assessment, The Physios contacted me (through a friend) to see if they could help. Given that my confidence has been completely shattered, I was very grateful, although a little anxious about it. Continue reading

The running week (20-26 June)

GETTING my confidence back after my fitness assessment was the priority for last week. Here’s my training.

On Monday I was so afraid to run that I went to the gym instead. I pottered about on the rower, bike and cross trainer, but I did not run. My mind and body were too fragile after a good bashing at the fitness assessment.

Tuesday: I took my tentative first steps, and braved a hill session. I was still afraid in case my body fell apart. I ran up the hill slowly and pushed a bit for the last few strides. My friend shouted at me for not trying hard enough. Another member of the group started singing the birdie song. I presume this was in response to my duck-running style, but I couldn’t be sure. I was pleased to complete the session with my body still intact even if the soundtrack wasn’t to my liking.

Wednesday: I was still afraid to run so I did Continue reading

The secret to a successful long run

The secret to a successful long run

THE secret to a successful Sunday long run is to get up and go.

That’s exactly what I did this morning. Before my body had chance to work out what was happening, I’d bounced out of bed and hit the road – well road and trail actually.

The weather was cool but nice enough for shorts, vest and sunglasses. There were no flies buzzing about and no people strolling with their Sunday ice creams. It was a perfect Continue reading

Braving the wilderness of Barnsley

Braving the wilderness of Barnsley

EVERY year in June my club takes part in the Barnsley Boundary relay race. This is a 72 mile(ish) race of ten legs in beautiful countryside around the Barnsley boundary.

It’s a fantastic event. We love taking part. This year Chris is running leg nine, a ten and a half mile run from Winscar reservoir to Upper Denby. He’s already done one recce, but thought it best to do another to reduce the chances of getting lost on race day.

‘I’ll recce it with you.’ Winscar to Upper Denby is a popular leg. I was actually looking forward to running it.

We had a plan. We would Continue reading

Running the week

Tracy's running fingersNOW that the mid-week races have finished, normal training has resumed.

We’ve raced every Wednesday for six out of seven weeks, which has been great, but has also meant that training has been interrupted. Last week was Continue reading