Remembering the London Marathon

WHETHER you are running or supporting, there is something very special about the London Marathon.

Yesterday morning, I was up at quarter to six so that I could get my long run out-of-the-way before the start of the TV coverage at 8.30am. Run over, I plonked myself on the sofa and there I stayed for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon. Chris and I do this every year. We watch the coverage and track our friends, drink several cups of tea, eat a couple of toasted teacakes, and enjoy ourselves watching a sport we love.

Even before I started running, I was fascinated with the race. I remember watching Liz McColgan winning and thinking how amazing she was. I wasn’t a runner, but I was happy to sit in front of the TV for a few hours and do nothing but watch people run. It never even entered my head that I might be able to get off the sofa and run.

During my student days in London, we had a coordinated pub crawl along the marathon route. It was in one of these pubs that the idea of running the race first cropped up. Continue reading

Good luck Mr Wells

Good luck Mr Wells

THIS weekend’s blog post is all about this man.


Chris, my fiancé, is running the Florence Marathon. Here he is supporting me at this year’s Great North Run. Tomorrow, I will be supporting him as he takes on the 26.2 mile distance for the fifth time.

His previous marathons were:

  • Blackpool, 2009, 3 hrs 55
  • Berlin, 2009, 5 hrs 19 (he ran with me, and I’d not trained)
  • Edinburgh, 2014, 2 hrs 53
  • York, 2015, 2 hrs 45 for 14th place!

Chris has been training hard for this marathon. While I’ve had several dramas and running-disasters, Chris has been quietly getting on with things. He’s put in the miles, and has even done Continue reading

Running the week

Tracy's running fingersNOW that the mid-week races have finished, normal training has resumed.

We’ve raced every Wednesday for six out of seven weeks, which has been great, but has also meant that training has been interrupted. Last week was Continue reading

Spring marathon excitement

SPRING marathon season is here. Manchester, Paris, Boston UK and US, and this coming weekend, London. I’m so excited. It seems like everyone is talking about running a marathon.

Normally at this time of year, I get so inspired by the thousands of runners taking part in the London Marathon that I Continue reading

The winner of the Boston Marathon UK

The winner of the Boston Marathon UK

THERE is one runner who never fails to inspire and amaze me, and that’s my friend, Fiona.


On Sunday, Fiona took on the challenge of running her first marathon in ten years. It was all the more challenging because Continue reading