Back to work and training

Back to work and training

AS I write this it’s 5.30am and my alarm clock has just gone off. I’ll have another 10 minutes then drag myself out of bed. After 10 days of eating, drinking, and siting on the sofa watching Back to the Future it’s time to go back to work.


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It’s been a fantastic holiday. I definitely needed the rest and relaxation. I had a complete break from work and writing, and it was great. I’ve not had much time off the day job since August, and have also spent every spare minute bashing out my novel, so Christmas couldn’t come soon enough. I was exhausted.

I’m feeling much better now and looking forward to getting back into it, but it’s going to be hard to get up and face the cold, dark January morning.  I love my job and have lots of writing and running goals for 2018, so that’ll help. And after the long, lazy days of Christmas, I’m ready to start working hard again so that I can (fingers crossed) achieve my ambitions.

For 2018 here’s what I want to achieve.

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What are your running goals for 2018?

What are your running goals for 2018?

Goal setting is an important part of running. Whether it’s targeting a particular race, aiming to run a personal best, or taking part in your first ever race, it’s important to identify what you’d like to achieve.

It’s also important to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. I mean, I’d love to run a sub 34-minute 10km, but it’s not going to happen. Think about your current level of fitness and then set goals around that.

Try to have short and long-term goals. Maybe, like me, you’d like to run a sub-1.30 half marathon eventually, but based on your current fitness you need to focus on breaking 1.34 first. If you set smaller goals that are achievable you’ll feel so much better when you start to tick them off, especially knowing you’re getting closer to achieving your long term ambitions.

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