A blogging award – come on!

A blogging award – come on!

I HAVE some exciting news. Drum roll please… Champion Running has won an award!

This is very exciting. I’ve not won an award since my cycling proficiency award in the Eighties, so I’m feeling rather proud.

The feedspot panel has included Champion Running in their list of Top 200 Running Blogs.

big logo for running award

‘There must be some mistake,’ was my first thought when I found out. My second thought was CAKE! Surely an award is a good enough excuse for cake. But I didn’t want to jump the gun. I had to be sure it was actually true and not someone having me on.

I went onto the internet and found the list of top 200 blogs. Women’s Running Magazine was in the top spot. A blog I love, Lazy girl running, was at number nine. I didn’t think I’d be in the top ten so I scrolled to the bottom. I wasn’t at the bottom either. And all this time I kept thinking, ‘I’ll not be on at all.’

When I couldn’t find Champion Running, I decided to use a keyword search. I typed in Champion. And there I was!

Number 168!

Eight below the Runners World Blog, four up from the Chubby Runner. Number 168.

‘I’m in the charts!’ I did a little dance round the kitchen. ‘I’m in the charts!’ This must be how singers feel when they get into the top forty. ‘Number 168. What a good place to be.’

When I’d calmed down a bit I read the entry for Champion Running. You can read it here.


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