The running week 10th – 16th October

A WEEKEND away to Edinburgh played havoc with my training last week. My friends have had a baby boy, so we were heading north to see them. I knew there wouldn’t be much running, so I tried to squeeze my key training runs into the first part of the week.

Monday was a track session. I was on my own but really enjoyed it. I did a 400, 300, 200 combo. Chris was ill so didn’t venture out.

Tuesday night is my strength class. I did a quick run, then went to the class on my own. It wasn’t much fun without Chris, but I’m pleased I did it. I even upped some of the weights!

On Wednesday I had a rest day. The strength class always takes it out of me, but more so than usual after the extra weights.

Thursday’s run should have been a recovery run, but I had to do a session instead. I was on my own again, pounding the streets doing mile reps. My legs were still heavy from the strength training. My times were terrible, only 6.50 (ish) minute mile pace. I should really have done this session on Saturday when I’d recovered, but it wasn’t possible with being away.

On Friday, I was working all day, then travelling to Edinburgh. No running.

A run in Edinburgh was completely ruined by the torrential rain. The aim was to run to the top of Arthur’s Seat, but plans were quickly abandoned. I blame Chris. He complained that his jacket was soaked and that his trainers were leaking. We did three miles and no more.



My weekly long run didn’t happen on Sunday because I was in Edinburgh and completely exhausted from a couple of late nights, the travel and quite a bit of junk food. It was a great weekend though, and fantastic to catch up with my friends.

Despite the slap dash training this week, I’m not being too hard on myself. We had a lovely weekend and I deserve a rest. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.



  1. Alison Nockels
    20th October 2016 / 7:15 am

    Good for you. More of us need to take time out.

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