The running week (12-18th September)

Here’s my training for the week after the Great North Run, where poor nutrition set me back.

Sunday was race day. I ran a PB, but didn’t eat well for the rest of the day. After the race, I had two Mars Bars, a nutty protein type bar, a tiny bag of Haribo sweets, a shop-bought protein drink (not my usual recovery drink), and lots of water. It took us hours to get back to the hotel. I missed lunch, not eating until 7pm, by which time I was so hungry I stuffed my face with a giant burger and chips (with onion rings, cheese, mushroom, bacon). I was still hungry so ordered another portion of chips.


Monday: I woke up absolutely starving, so rushed down to breakfast without showering or applying any makeup. I needed food. I tucked into fruit and yoghurt, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, sausages and I think I had a tomato too. We drove back from Newcastle, heading straight to the cake shop to collect Chris’ 40th birthday cake.



Later in the day, a huge cold sore appeared on my face. I blogged about how my body had gone into meltdown. I felt completely exhausted. Thankfully, it was a scheduled rest day, and I was very happy to not run.

Tuesday: I wanted to do a recovery run but didn’t feel great so I took another day off. Instead I spent some time with my niece, who was rather taken with my medal. She’d been to a wedding the weekend I ran, so she was also quite fascinated by her mum’s fascinator.

Wednesday:  Mentally, I was ready to run. Physically, I wasn’t. I wanted to run six miles, a nice off-road recovery run. It ended up being the worst run ever. My legs were heavy. I felt sick and almost threw up behind a bush. I plodded on at 9.16 pace, but took a short cut home so the run was five miles, not six as planned.

Thursday: After Wednesday’s performance, I took another day off.

Friday: Hurah! My legs came back. I felt much better, running five miles at a comfortable 8.30 pace. Normally, after a race I can get back running fairly quickly. I really think that poor nutrition on race day set me back. I should have eaten something straight away. I know I have to do this otherwise I might as well forget training for the week afterwards. I should have had lunch. I should have made my own recovery drink. I didn’t. Lesson learned.

Saturday: I joined a new group for an interval session. I wrote a blog about this, Down with the kids.

Sunday: The plan was to run ten miles, and I did run ten miles. I even did some of the miles at a decent pace, but it wasn’t pleasant. I made the mistake of running at 11am, on a boiling hot day. I should have gone first thing in the morning when it was cooler.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda! That seems to sum up this week’s training.

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