The running week (13-19 June)

It was an eventful week last week. I had a fall on Thursday and fitness testing yesterday, which both knocked me off my feet!

Here’s how training looked.

Monday: I started with a rest, which is a great idea if you’ve done a long run on Sunday. Unfortunately, I hadn’t. I went horse riding and then did a six-mile easy run. I’d raced the Barnsley Boundary the day before, so I do not feel too bad about missing the long run (honest). It was lovely to get some riding in. I’ve really missed it. I went very early on Sunday morning with my friend Zoe, who walks her dog while I ride. Blaze, my horse, needs to get back into some work. She’s been enjoying the summer grass too much. She took one look at the saddle, and did a runner. I did manage to catch her eventually and we had a wonderful ride. Note to self: horse riding is important.

Tuesday: I joined my training group for an off-road speed session. There wasn’t much speed involved because it was so muddy from all the rain. It was good fun though!

Training group June 2016

training group june 2016 s

Wednesday: I hit the road late on Wednesday evening. The sun had finally come out so I had a lovely steady run. After Tuesday’s mud session, I stayed on the road. I did 7.80 miles at 8.40 something pace before it started raining. I would have rounded it up to eight miles, but it was torrential rain.

Thursday: I fell over on my way to teach a class in Doncaster. One minute I was on my feet, the next I wasn’t. It hurt. Thursday night’s training group session was a mini session because Chris and I had a fitness test on Sunday, so we couldn’t do too much. We did a few sprints, although neither of us are sprinters, and the fitness test confirmed this!

Friday: Day off. I had a facial so I now look 36 and a half, as opposed to 36 and three-quarters.

Saturday: I did a three-mile run with some strides in readiness for the fitness test. We had to prepare for it as though it was a race. In the afternoon, we had tea and a huge slice of chocolate cake at the EnRich tea party. EnRich is an arts charity supporting me with my novel. I wanted to give something back by supporting EnRich in their fundraising. Eating cake and drinking tea was the best way to do this. Obviously, fantastic preparation for a fitness test.

Sunday: The fitness test. Well! What can I say. I had it officially confirmed that I have no talent whatsoever for running. Nothing. My Olympic dreams have been dashed. There is no hope. I’m a lost cause. Once I’ve stopped sobbing, I will be writing a blog to tell you all about it.

In other news, I got a parking ticket for parking in a motorcycle bay when I do not have a motorcycle. I also munched my way through two Mars bars and a bag of Midget Gems.

That was my week. I’d love to know how your training is going.



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