The Running Week – 15th to 21st August

KEEPING motivated is hard, but I’m trying to stay focused and strong. Here’s how training looked last week.

Monday: This was a steady paced hilly run over seven and a half miles. I really enjoyed it, even though I had the pedicure injury (more to follow).

Tuesday: I thought it best to rest my foot. I did the third installment of my strength class.

Wednesday: This was an eight mile run including 30 minutes at threshold pace. The only problem was that I went quicker, and then look what happened on Thursday. In the evening we went to my club’s charity relay race. I didn’t run because of the dodgy foot, but Chris ran in two separate teams, coming second and first! I hoped I’d win the raffle. I won last year, but couldn’t manage it for two years. We raised almost £400 for Epilepsy Action.

Thursday: In all honesty this eight mile run almost killed me. I struggled so much, only managing 8.49 pace.

Friday: Interval session 5 x 3 minutes. It was terrible weather. I should have done this session on a track, 5 x 800m, but running round in circles really didn’t inspire me. I used the trail instead. Running in a straight line is much more fun.

Saturday: Hurah! A rest day.

Sunday: My long run was hard. I always struggle with anything over ten miles, but I’ve been enjoying the challenge. I’ve been doing really well to get out and run. It was only this week where I had to drag myself out. Thirteen point one miles completed.

A good week, but with a constant niggling pain in my foot.

Total miles: 43

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