The Running Week – 1st to 7th August

I CAN’T believe it’s August already. Where’s the summer going? I’m determined to make the most of the warm weather and light evenings, so much so that I’ve spent most of the week outside. And I’m pleased to say that it’s been a good training week, but there’s still a long way to go.

Monday: Chris joined me for a steady eight-mile run. It was steady for him, but there was nothing steady about it for me. Even the 7.56 min/mile pace felt like hard work. I began to realise just how much fitness I’ve lost. I couldn’t help but feel a bit down and demoralised.

Tuesday: I did 3.7 miles then rushed off to a strength class. Yes, that’s right – a strength class. This was good fun and really needs its own blog post (coming soon).

Wednesday: This was a nasty little threshold session. I was aiming for ten minutes at 6.55 pace. My body gave me 6.58. ‘That’ll do,’ I thought. I had a two-minute recovery. I went again. This time five minutes, again aiming for the magic 6.55. I went faster – 6.51. I had a minute’s recovery, before another ten minutes of running.

Well I thought it was ten, but it wasn’t. It was nine. My oxygen-starved brain got confused. ‘That’ll do,’ I thought, but then another part of my brain kicked in and said. ‘No! It really won’t do at ALL.’ So I went again, making the final five minutes, six. I’m no mathematician but that meant I’d done 30 minutes of threshold. And I felt so proud of myself that I had a quick shower and went to the pub. This is acceptable because it’s part of the Spencer’s Dash race.

Thursday: I’d had a massage in the morning, so my legs were feeling quite heavy. What I should have done is have a steady run, but no, I did a speed session, which was pointless because I was still tired from the day before.

Friday: I had an appointment at The Physios in Sheffield. I was given some strength exercises to focus on (all with the aim of firing my glutes into action) and a little warm up routine to get me moving faster. I’ll tell you all about it in another blog post (coming soon).

Saturday: I was a bit stiff from the glute-firing exercises so had a day off. In the evening we went to the Fox and Hounds with some friends, and I had two puddings. I tried to only have one, I really did, but the waitress insisted that the Tiramisu came with ice cream. Who am I to argue?

Sunday: Fuelled by my two puddings, I was up and off for my long run. Thirteen point one miles, all in preparation for the Great North Run. In the afternoon, we took the dogs for a long walk.

Looking back, it wasn’t a perfect training week but at least I’m fighting back.

walking dogs 2 11Aug 2016
Enjoying a walk with the boys after my long run was out of the way.




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