The running week (20-26 June)

GETTING my confidence back after my fitness assessment was the priority for last week. Here’s my training.

On Monday I was so afraid to run that I went to the gym instead. I pottered about on the rower, bike and cross trainer, but I did not run. My mind and body were too fragile after a good bashing at the fitness assessment.

Tuesday: I took my tentative first steps, and braved a hill session. I was still afraid in case my body fell apart. I ran up the hill slowly and pushed a bit for the last few strides. My friend shouted at me for not trying hard enough. Another member of the group started singing the birdie song. I presume this was in response to my duck-running style, but I couldn’t be sure. I was pleased to complete the session with my body still intact even if the soundtrack wasn’t to my liking.

Wednesday: I was still afraid to run so I did three miles and then some drills. Drills! These are the things that I coach other people to do, but don’t actually do my self (shame on me!). Do as I say, not as I do. Where most people use an athletics track for their drills, Chris and I used my horse’s field. The horse even joined in. She jumped out of one paddock and into another, which obviously had much tastier-looking grass. Chris and I did the jumps and drills, hoping that no passers-by would indeed pass by and see us.

Thursday: I had a sports massage. My body was in the worst state it has ever been in. The muscles in my back, neck and shoulders were stuck together. I have regular massage so the therapist was trying to work out why my body is in its current state. We decided it was down to exams, work, training, and my laptop. First thing every morning I make a brew, grab the laptop and start writing in bed. I love this hour of the day. It’s when I get most of my writing done, but it’s not good for my back. Boo to that! On Thursday evening, I was feeling a bit braver with running so I joined my training group for a tempo run. This was tough. I was shattered and struggled.

Friday: The result of the referendum had me ranting for most of the day. I wrote a blog about it on my wedding blog This probably isn’t the most appropriate blog in which to get political, but Nigel Farage and the result really annoyed me. I didn’t run at all. I didn’t go to the gym. I had a rest then went for a meal with Chris. It was a year till our wedding so we went to the venue to celebrate. This was lovely.

Saturday: Fuelled by the three-course meal including home-made profiteroles, Chris and I ran 13.2 miles. This was my first long run for weeks. I struggled with this too but I did it. I then had to go to Meadowhall, which almost pushed me over the edge. I’m not a shopper!

Sunday: No running but I did some strength work targeting my core and glutes. I also watched the athletics on telly, while munching my way through Minstrels and Maltesers.

In other news, someone went on a shopping rampage at Sainsbury’s online using my credit card. I’ve also made lots of appointments for wedding dress shopping and have started to get excited for our holiday in a few weeks. It really can’t come soon enough.

Hope your training is going well.



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