The running week – quality over quantity

I ONLY trained four times last week, but I’d like to think they were quality miles. This is what I tell myself to feel better. Anyway, here’s how the training week looked.

Monday: I had an appointment with Jon Grayson from The Physios in Sheffield. After reading about my recent duck-waddling fitness assessment, The Physios contacted me (through a friend) to see if they could help. Given that my confidence has been completely shattered, I was very grateful, although a little anxious about it.

‘The thing is,’ I said to Chris. ‘I do actually run like a duck. It’s the whole arm thing. The physio will probably take one look at my running style and say that there’s no hope.’ As it turns out, he didn’t say that. I’ll be writing another blog post to tell you all about it. The good news is that I left feeling much more confident about my running-duck technique.

Tuesday: I should have run but didn’t. We had another week off work, and I felt exhausted, although I’m not sure why when we’ve just had seven days in the sun. I took a day off training and went shopping instead. Chris had got me an iPad for my birthday, but not the one I wanted, so we took it back, and purchased a new one (in rose gold).

Wednesday: Given that I’ve not done a long run for a long time, I decided that I better get some miles in. It was a hot day. I went out about 11am, when the sun was getting to its strongest. And I struggled. At mile six, I had an asthma attack and my legs went all wobbly. I had to slow my pace, focus on my breathing. Thankfully, this helped. I rallied in the latter miles – eleven completed with limited lung capacity.

Thursday: In the morning we went to look at wedding cars. Not being a car-person, I didn’t think this would be particularly exciting, but it was. I was so excited I’ve started writing a blog about it for my wedding blog! In the afternoon, I did a tempo run of three miles and there was nothing exciting about that.

Friday:  It was a horrible rainy day. We did eight miles to Newmillerdam in torrential rain. This was fine, except I had tummy troubles at mile seven, then my glasses got so wet I couldn’t actually see, and to top it all off, I got stung by several nettles. My four-year-old niece came to my rescue afterwards, smothering me in cream to stop the stinging.

In the evening, we had a meal out with friends. This was a belated birthday meal, which meant there was another cake. The third in a week! This was a Cadbury’s Flake Cake. Here we are cutting it – just look at the concentration. On the wine menu there was a bottle called Waddling Duck. ‘It’s got your name on it, Liz,’ Fiona said. Ha! Ha!


Saturday: Well, I didn’t run, but this was only because I needed to write a short story for a competition. I spent most of the day tapping away on my computer, in my own little world, and loving it. There was no time for running. Well, I suppose I could have squeezed one in, but I couldn’t be bothered. Instead I set up my new iPad, which would have been straight-forward, easy in fact, except I have the memory of a goldfish.

By the time the Apple set-up had taken me through everything, I’d forgotten they’d asked me for a passcode. I needed a passcode to work the thing. I was a little cross, scheduling a call from Apple, chuntering about the s***ness of modern technology. And then, a few hours later, after all the ranting, I remembered that they did in fact ask me for a passcode. Thankfully that passcode just popped into head. I am now at one with modern technology again.

Sunday: I turned into Wonder Woman, and blogged about this. Thirteen point one miles completed, as well as the washing and cleaning, before spending the afternoon finishing my story just in time to meet the competition deadline.

In other news, we finished all the cakes for my birthday and will now be taking a break from cake-eating for a while (one-month actually, then it’s Chris’ birthday).

I would love to know how your training is going. Anyone doing the Great North Run?

Liz x



  1. 3rd August 2016 / 9:43 pm

    I’ll be at the GNR, hoping I don’t pull my hamstring at mile 10 and have to hobble the last 3 like I did last time. Great Race 🙂

    • 7th August 2016 / 5:43 pm

      Really looking forward to it, Mark. Booked the accommodation and race transfer. All I need to do now is run. I’m sure you’ll do great. And well done on your medal today x

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