The South Yorkshire Road League

THE South Yorkshire Road League has to be one of the best events I’ve ever taken part in.

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It’s a series of four races, starting in March and finishing in early May. Hundreds of runners from across South Yorkshire take part. Every year it gets more and more popular with runners of all ages and abilities taking on the challenging five mile runs. That’s what makes it special.

It’s three years since I first became involved in this event. When I joined a local running club, I was aware there was a road league event but thought this was for the proper runners, the elite of South Yorkshire. I left them to it, and didn’t put my name down. The year after, I decided to have a go anyway. I loved it!

Injury and university commitments meant I couldn’t run last year. I was so disappointed, which is why I was determined to make up for it this year.

Each of the races is hosted by one of the local clubs. We raced at Lodge Moor, Worsbrough, Brodsworth and Penistone. They’re all on a Wednesday evening, and are very tough with some challenging climbs. It was fantastic. I enjoyed each and every one of them, all for different reasons.

Lodge Moor was a really fun night out with friends, possibly a bit too much chatting during the race.

Worsbrough is my favourite and I had a fantastic run, one of my best.

Brodsworth was cold. We’d had snow at the end of April. I didn’t run my best, but got a PB.

Penistone is memorable for the pain. With a prize up for grabs, I gave it everything. Right from the off, I attacked. It wasn’t pleasant. Actually it hurt a lot!  There’s a blog post to follow, in fact two. I’ve also written one for Worsbrough

The only down side to the road league was that my club, Kingstone Runners, only had ten places. The league is becoming so popular that the organisers had to ration the number of places to each club. They based it on the number of runners who took part in the first race the year before. This was Lodge Moor, which is quite a distance from Barnsley. We had our lowest turn out for this event, hence only ten places. Clubs in Sheffield were obviously at an advantage because it’s near where they are based.

Kingstone is a growing club. We have lots of runners who would like to take part in the road league. I’d love to do this series again. I hope I’ll have the opportunity, because I’ve loved every minute, even if I do look a bit miserable at times.

I love road racing anyway, but I’ve decided five miles is my favourite distance and the road league one of my favourite events. They are well organised with a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. The hills were great too. What more could you want!

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