The winner of the Boston Marathon UK

THERE is one runner who never fails to inspire and amaze me, and that’s my friend, Fiona.


On Sunday, Fiona took on the challenge of running her first marathon in ten years. It was all the more challenging because for most of this year she has been struggling with an injury. She’s been unable to do any speed work, but, thankfully, has been able to run and get the miles in.

She only decided to do a marathon a few weeks ago. A quick internet search and she found the Boston Marathon in Lincolnshire.

‘You’re mad,’ I said. ‘Absolutely crackers.’ But I knew she would smash it. You see, she’s a tough one is Fiona. She never gives in.

fiona 1

I couldn’t have predicted just how well she would do. She had a fantastic run, finishing first in the women’s race in a time of 2:54:36 and fourth overall. I’m so proud of her. What a fantastic achievement!

fiona 2

I know she’s my friend, but Fiona really is an inspiration. She has many work commitments. She’s a mum to two lovely children. She trains hard. She works hard. I don’t know how she manages to fit everything in, but she does. She even has time for her friends. After every training session she makes recovery drinks, not to mention baking flapjacks and cakes for us all.

It’s down to Fiona’s constant support that Chris and I have managed to achieve our running goals. Fiona has encouraged us every step of the way.

We owe her a lot.

She’s an amazing runner and a lovely friend, who deserves all of her marathon success. Well done, Fiona!

fiona 3


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