Three running books for National Read a Book Day

IF you’re looking for a running book recommendation for National Read a Book Day choose from one of my three recent reads.

Adventures on ‘The Way’ by Graeme Harvey
1100 miles running the fabled El Camino de Santiago.
Graeme Harvey, author of Running the Highway to Hell, and his wife Kirsty head out, fully kitted for all eventualities…

Or so they think!

What actually follows is a picturesque, joyous, painful, pain au chocolate fuelled journey into the unknown.

Three running books for National Read a Book Day

Jog On by Bella Mackie
Divorced and struggling with deep-rooted mental health problems, Bella Mackie ended her twenties in tears, scared of everything imaginable. She could barely find the strength to get off the sofa, let alone piece her life back together. Until one day she did something she had never done of her own free will — she pulled on a pair of trainers and went for a run.

For a decade, Bella was so paralysed by her fears that exercise was the very last thing on her mind. So that first run didn’t last long. But to her surprise, she was back out there the next day. And the day after that. Before she knew it, her mood was lifting for the first time in years, and she had swapped hiding in her house for fresh air and unknown roads.

In Jog On, Bella explains with unfiltered honesty how she used running to battle crippling anxiety and depression, without having to sacrifice her three loves: booze, cigarettes and ice cream. This funny, moving and motivational book will encourage you to say ‘jog on’ to your problems and get your life back on track — no matter how small those first steps may be.

Eat, Drink, Run, how I got fit without going too mad by Briony Gordon
Bryony Gordon was not a runner. A loafer, a dawdler, a drinker, a smoker, yes. But, as she recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of opening up her life in her memoir Mad Girl, she realised there were things that might actually help her: getting outside, moving her body and talking to others who also found life occasionally challenging. As she ran, she started to shake off the limitations that had always held her back and saw she had actually imposed them on herself. Why couldn’t she be a runner?

In April 2017, Bryony Gordon ran all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon. In Eat, Drink, Run, we join her as she trains for this daunting task and raises to the challenge one step at a time. Of course, on top of the aching muscles and blistered feet, there’s also the small matter of getting a certain royal to open up about his mental health. Through it all, Bryony shows us that extraordinary things can happen to everyone, no matter what life throws our way.

Let me know what running book you’re reading for National Read a Book Day.

Looking for other running books to read? Here’s a list of 21 that I put together for World Book Day.

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