Top ten post-race chocolate treats

silkstone shuffle with choc orange
With my teammates celebrating my win of three Chocolate Oranges and a box of biscuits

After taking part in a race I always allow myself a chocolate treat. It’s something I really look forward to, so much so, that I thought I would put together a list of my top ten post-race chocolate bars. The list is not based on any scientific evidence or analysis of the nutritional content. It is, however, based on my experience of what tastes the best when you’ve just pushed your body to the limit.

I also think that chocolate helps with recovery.

‘Chocolate can help with recovery?’ I hear you cry.

People may disagree. There’s a lot of advice about the types of foods you should eat to help the recovery process. Chocolate isn’t usually on the list, but for me it does help. If I have a chocolate bar soon after running, the next time I run it is easier.

Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

Miniature Heroes at the Broomhead Chase

There are times in a race when the thought of a chocolate reward keeps me going. When I’m gasping for breath and my legs are wobbling, I think of the Mars Bar or the Snickers waiting for me at the end and I push on.

When I’m battling against someone and I’m tired and it’s hard work, I always gain strength knowing that if I work hard I might win a prize and prizes usually mean chocolate. I know that if it comes down to a sprint finish against another lady, I will give it everything because no-one wants to win a box of Miniature Heroes more than I do. No-one possibly could.

new york canal race
Miniature Heroes at the New York Canal Race, Rotherham

‘It’d be easier to buy a box of chocolates,’ my dad always says.

It probably would. But I wouldn’t have that feeling of satisfaction you get after a run, knowing that you can treat yourself because you’ve already burned the calories. It’s a reward for a job well done.

silkstone choco prizes
I did share them 🙂


So without further rambling here are my top ten post-race chocolate bars.

10. Crunchie – always better on a Friday


9. Finger of Fudge – light and chocolaty

cadbury fudge

8. Lion Bar – wafer, caramel, peanut butter and chocolate

Lion bar

7. Twirl – two twirly milk chocolate fingers covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate

cadbury twirl

6. Twix – this bar was a favourite during my teenage years


5. Drifter – this was always a favourite of mine at school.


4. Bounty – coconut and chocolate


3. Dairy Milk – I love Dairy Milk. This wins for my favourite bar of chocolate whether I’ve run or not.

dairy milk

2. Mars Bar – a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play. I wouldn’t eat one every day, just on the odd occasion after a half marathon. It’s a long distance bar. I’d never have it after a 5k.


1. My number one chocolate bar is Snickers. Nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, and it’s kind of running related because it used to be called Marathon.


There you are. My top ten chocolate bars. Please note that I also like Ripple, Wispa, Flake ( too flakey for after a race), and Maltesers. I also enjoy Thorntons Continentals and Green & Blacks dark chocolate.

Please never give me a Wagon Wheel or Turkish Delight. I once took part in a half marathon and was handed a goody bag with nothing in it except a melted Wagon Wheel and a flyer. I was not happy! I made the decision never to do that particular race again. I have also been in a half marathon where the Mars Bar had melted by the time I’d crossed the line. I would say to race organisers across the country, ‘A melted Mars Bar is better than no Mars Bar at all!’

After all this talk of chocolate I’m starting to feel a little hungry, but before I go a word of warning – everything in moderation. Only one bar at a time!

Hope you all had a good Easter x

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