Training update

I have decided to write a weekly training update in the hope that being accountable will force me to do some consistent and hard training. For the past year and a half, I’ve not done very much, so my fitness is lacking, but I’m optimistic that I can get it back.

I’ve been meaning to write the update for a while but because I’m not training as hard or as much as I used to, I didn’t think I should, which is ridiculous really. I am still running, and I still have goals, they’re just realistic goals based on my current fitness and priorities.

So, from now on, I will be posting a weekly update whether I have a good or bad training week. I’m just going to be honest.

Here is the last three weeks of training.

Sunday 30 September
I headed out unsure how far I would go. I just wanted to run and ended up doing 10 miles at 8.49 pace.

Monday 1 October
Monday night is Spinning class. It’s become our regular date night activity. It’s good for fitness, good fun and a great start to the week. It’s also something that we can do together whereas with running Chris is much faster than me. If he runs at my pace he tends to say annoying things like, ‘Keep working hard,’ or ‘keeping going,’ which infuriate me because I am working hard, and I am keeping going, and I don’t need my bloody husband to tell me.

‘I’m only being encouraging,’ he always says.

But I’d rather he keeps his encouragement to himself. We’ve abandoned running together in favour of spin. It’s working quite well. Chris is working so hard that he can’t mutter words of encouragement and even if he did, the music is so loud I’d struggle to hear them.

Tuesday 2 October
No training. I spent the night writing instead.

Wednesday 3 October
It was just one of those days. I felt stressed so needed a run to clear my head. I’d planned to do an interval session, but it was such a lovely evening and I didn’t want the pressure. I just decided to run and see where it would take me. I managed 7.11 miles at a steady 8.58 pace.

Thursday 4 October and Friday 5 October
No running, just endless traffic jams that conspired to keep me from my run.

Saturday 6 October
It was a case of Where’s Wallace on Saturday morning. My friend Mel Wallace had agreed to run to Nostell Priory Parkrun with me. It’s a nice 7-mile run, followed by Parkrun and then tea and scones in the cafe. I was up early, making sure I was ready for Mel when he called for me at 7.30am, but at 7am we got a text message. I forget the excuse, but I think the rainy weather may have put Mr Wallace off.

I had a few choice words about Wallace and then set off on my own. Running in the rain is nice because it’s quiet and I enjoyed the peace after what had been a very hectic week. I was tired though and felt like I was coming down with a cough and cold. I did 10miles in total including a 26.18 parkrun.

Sunday 7 October
I spent the day working on my novel, which I needed to submit to my tutor. I had breaks to muck out the horses (strength training) and take the dogs for a walk.

Monday 8 October
I forgot to book our usual spin class, so we did a later and longer class instead. It was great fun with much better music but we didn’t get home until 9.45pm.

Tuesday 9 October
I ran with Chris doing 8 x 90 second efforts with a 400m jog recovery except when I stopped to talk to a friend. 5.15 miles altogether.

Wednesday 10 October
A very early 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Thursday 11 October
No time to train.

Friday 12 October
A 26-minute treadmill run.

Saturday 13 October
I felt so tired. The planned 2-mile tempo session was hard work. I only managed 7.57 pace but at least I did it. 5 miles in total, then off to Sheffield for the book festival.

Sunday 14 October
I had a relaxing day at home because I still had a chesty cough and wasn’t feeling great.

Monday 15 October
Back to our usual spin class but I felt tired and unwell so didn’t try as hard as I usually do.

Tuesday 16 October
I worked late so no time for training.

Wednesday 17 October
On Wednesday I was working from home so did a 5-mile run during my lunch break. I included 5k at tempo pace, which I found difficult, but I was so pleased to finally find some time to train. I managed 23.47, 7.41 pace, 5.15 miles.

Thursday 18 October
A 2-hour traffic jam ruined the writing evening I had planned.

Friday 19 October
It was a 5.15am effort on the treadmill, which included 6 x 1-minute efforts (although they’re not that fast because I’m still finding my feet on the treadmill). 25 minutes altogether.

Saturday 20 October
There was no time for running because I was having a shopping day with Mum followed by an Off the Shelf event with journalist Cathy Newman. In the evening friends invited us round for a delicious home-cooked curry.

Sunday 21 October
I had a busy day with the Off the Shelf book festival in Sheffield so got up early to fit in 6 miles including 5 x 3 minutes 30 second efforts with 3 minutes recovery, and a fast 400m to finish.

So, that’s October so far, and thinking positively I’m happy with what I’ve managed to fit into the time I’ve had. For the next few weeks my goal is to do three quality runs and a spin class every week.

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