Training update: the good and bad

THE good news is that despite a chest infection, I’ve been able to run. The bad news is that the quality just hasn’t been there.

I suppose it’s to be expected, (man flu/chest infections have to be taken seriously), but it’s very frustrating. I’ve set myself certain running goals this year, so I wanted to get stuck in to some serious training.

‘At least you’ve managed to run,’ Chris said.

‘I wouldn’t call it running!’

Since the coughing started, I’ve not been running well at all. Take Thursday night as an example. I felt terrible, so bad that I could only manage a plod. I did five miles at nine and a half minute mile pace, feeling very sorry for myself.

Earlier in the week I thought I’d made a full recovery. I’d felt much better, so blasted up a few hills, desperate to get back into training. It was probably too much, too soon.

April 2016 after Quarry Hill training
Training group selfie: Enjoying Rich Tea biscuits and recovery drink


I had a day off on Wednesday, visiting my uncle and auntie in Skipton. It ended up being an afternoon of pies and puddings, with a few buns thrown in for good measure. But rather than making me feel better, the rest day made me feel worse. Perhaps it was the wintry weather. We had to take shelter several times, hiding in alleys until the rain passed over. It definitely wasn’t the pies and puddings, because they were good, and were absolutely essential in order to keep my strength up.

Since my last training update, I competed in the South Yorkshire Road League race one. I felt pleased, then disappointed that I’d not given it absolutely everything.

‘You look fresh on the photos,’ my friend said. ‘Were you taking it easy?’

‘Shame on me,’ I said, feeling disgraced with myself. When I saw the results, I knew I could have done better. But then, when the coughing started and I couldn’t breathe, I think I did the sensible thing. Lodge Moor was a tough course. It took it out of me. If I’d pushed any harder, I may have died (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea).

Race two in the road league is on Wednesday. It’s at Worsbrough, my favourite race in the series, so I really hope this cough has cleared up by then. If not, I’ll still run of course, nothing could keep me away from the hills of Worsbrough.

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