Training update – trying to take action

TRAINING has gone a bit wayward. Over the past few weeks, possibly the last month, I seem to have lost focus. My mileage has dropped, I’ve been racing every five minutes, work has got in the way of training, and I’ve put on weight after eating too many takeaways and chocolate bars.

Things are sliding. They have been for a while.

I’m not going to panic, that would be completely and utterly pointless, but I am going to make a few changes. A weekly training update on my blog will help me keep focused and on track. Even if it doesn’t, I can always fill you in on how many chocolate bars have been consumed!

My main target race was last weekend, the Thirsk 10 miles, including the Yorkshire Veterans’ Championship. The aim was to get a PB. I was also hoping that all the veteran 35 women in Yorkshire wouldn’t bother turning up, which would mean I’d get a medal. I’m delighted to say that things went to plan! I knocked about four minutes off my 10-mile PB, finishing in 68.56, and surprisingly, I got a bronze medal. I gave the race everything. It was hard work and felt much harder than any race I’ve done for a while.

On Monday I felt like I’d been run over by a bus. I should have done a recovery run, but I didn’t. I had a lot of work to get through, so granted myself a rest day. On Tuesday I missed another training session (shame on me!) because of another work deadline. At the start of the week I was also really down. I didn’t feel myself at all. A run would have helped, but I didn’t feel I had the energy.

Wednesday was better. It was great, actually. The nights are getting lighter, which meant I could run off-road to Newmillerdam Country Park with Chris. It cleared my head and cheered me up.

On Thursday I was teaching in the morning. I was going to get up and do a run before work, but decided not to bother. I like to focus on my creative writing first thing. The afternoon was my friend’s funeral. It was incredibly sad, but it was also a celebration of her life. When I came home I needed to run. I love running. It’s where I can think and relax. I did a very steady five miles, but the distance and speed didn’t matter. I just needed to run and feel alive. I also made the decision that Yes! I am going to run a marathon.

Last night, we had a training group curry to celebrate Mel (aka the ironman’s) birthday. We go to the Balti Palace in Darton, which is quite possibly the best curry house ever. I happily stuffed my face – poppadoms, onion bhaji x 2, curry, naan bread, rice and chocolate cake. Needless to say, this morning I’m feeling incredibly stuffed, which is why I’m so determined to get back on track.

Mel's birthday
Mel the Ironman (looks a bit like Peter Andre)


curry march 2016
The gang: me, Sharon, Jackie, Mark, Mel, James, Chris and Fiona – behind the lens

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