Training update week one

WITH the arrival of the new year I was excited and looking forward to getting stuck into some serious training so that I could achieve all my running ambitions. Everything was going well, until I fell over, injured my foot, and then developed a severe case of man flu.

Here’s my training week:

I got off to a good start with New Year’s Day parkrun on Monday. It was too early in my training to race, so I completed a steady 24 minute off-road run, and then celebrated the new year with friends in the Nostell Priory cafe.


On Tuesday, the training began. I completed a fartlek session with friends. This involved running 30 seconds faster, 30 seconds slower. It was nice to be back training. I felt good and it was a good session to ease myself back into it.

Wednesday was a late night at work, so I had a rest day from running. I’m still trying to juggle work and running commitments so it’s a case of watch this space as to when I’ll fit running in, but I’m hopeful of some running lunches soon.

Thursday was cold and windy, but I’d arranged to meet some friends so knew that I’d have no problems getting out. I completed 4 x 1k reps on the road, with an extra faster effort at the end (only because I was too fatigued to manage another 1k). Again, I was pleased with the session and delighted to be back training.

Then on Friday illness struck. I decided not to train on Friday night, but to go Saturday morning instead, right after I’d mucked out my horses. Unfortunately, there was a welly boot / wheelbarrow incident which resulted in injury (mine). Basically, I made a sudden turn with the wheelbarrow at the same time that my pony made a sudden turn towards the wheelbarrow. The barrow started falling towards the pony so to avoid a messy (the barrow was full) collision I launched forwards to push away the pony whilst pulling back the wheelbarrow. The collision was a averted but in the process I fell sideways, and went over on my foot. It hurt, so I couldn’t run.


On Sunday the foot was still sore, but I was prepared to test it out with a run, only to be struck down with man flu, which had been lingering since Friday but now decided to come out in full force. I had a writing day instead.

Although the week started well, it didn’t end well and I was feeling a bit down about it. I have a long way to go to get my fitness back and it does get a bit demoralising when everything seems to go wrong, especially when I’m just getting started. That said, I’m determined not to be all doom and gloom. Looking at the positives, I completed three good runs, survived a major wheelbarrow collision, and got a lot of writing done. As for running, there’s always this week…




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