Training update

I’M very excited because last week I managed to complete a full week of training! This is very exciting stuff indeed because for a while I’ve not been doing much in the way of consistent training. Last week I got my act together, which means I now have something to write about. So without further ado, here is my training week.


I was late home from work so it was 8pm before I headed out into the cold and dark night for a run. I did three miles, which were more to clear my head after a hectic day than for any training benefit. It would have been too easy to stay in the warm with a hot chocolate so I was proud of myself for getting out. I had the hot chocolate when I returned from the run.


I’d arranged to meet a friend so finding the motivation to actually get out of the door wasn’t a problem. The plan was to do a four mile tempo run, followed by a faster last mile. I’m still recovering from cold so didn’t want to go too fast in case my cold turns into a chest infection, which is what usually happens. I did a steady 7.30 pace, which is well off my tempo pace, but for health reasons it was fine. More than anything I was chuffed to have completed a run.


Wednesday was a rest day. I went to the library after the day job had finished so I could focus on my writing. The word count on my book is now around 40,000 so I’m approaching half way.


On Thursday it was bitterly cold so I didn’t want to run. Who’d want to run in Arctic conditions? But I’d arranged to meet a friend, and despite getting stuck in traffic, I made it to training just a few minutes late. We’d only run a few metres when the snow storm started. We managed to do ten 200m reps, which were amazingly fast with the wind behind us, and not quite so fast with the wind in our faces. Five miles in total.


To finish the working week I did an easy 5km run. It was just what I needed to relax from work and get ready for the weekend.


Saturday was a rest day. I sorted dogs and horses, and got my nails done before driving to Sheffield to meet my writing group. I had a lovely afternoon talking books and writing, before heading to a friend’s for pie and peas.


I don’t know what she put in the pie but on Sunday I went into superwoman mode. I was up at seven to complete my tax return, did a ten-mile run and then had an afternoon in Meadowhall Christmas shopping. I couldn’t resist these little treats from Little Square Cake.

Five runs. 28 miles. My first full week of training since April probably. And cake. A good week!



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