What a difference a week makes

WHAT a difference a week makes. When we raced at Brosdworth last Wednesday it was snowing, cold, wet and miserable. This week, the weather has been positively tropical. This makes me happy, because it is so much more fun to run in the sun.


Today I did a six mile off-road run through the woods and on the trail, wearing my shorts and vest. Yes, that’s right. Shorts and vest for training. The summer wardrobe is back! It was hot – sunglass and sun hat were also necessary – and I couldn’t stop smiling.


We’ve spent most of this year running in the cold and dark wintery weather, which is not much fun at all really. To run in glorious sunshine is wonderful. And the really great thing is that it’s only May. We’ve got months and months of daylight and warmer weather to come.

I absolutely love this time of year. The bluebells were out in the woods, the puddles had dried up, the trees were greener. It was nice to run, not for pace but simply to enjoy the countryside. I even started to get excited at the thought of marathon training through the summer. I can fit my sessions in early morning, or later in the evening. In summer I have daylight hours on my side. I can go off-road. In the winter the darkness restricts me to basically running round in circles, staying where it’s well lit. In summer life is so much easier.

I returned home feeling happy and strong. I’m really looking forward to a summer of running.

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