When all you need is a slice of cake

CAKE is my answer to everything. Whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day, eating cake is what I do and what I love. But when I have a wedding dress to squeeze into in twelve days, eating cake is really not a good idea.


Yesterday I was faced with a dilemma. I passed the diploma part of my master’s degree in writing, so needed to celebrate. Cake was calling. It was calling in a big way because I did surprisingly well. I was so proud of myself that I wanted to run down the road to the local cake shop and buy a great big double chocolate cake.

But I couldn’t.

Cake is off-limits.

I needed to think of another way to celebrate, a way that didn’t involve cake. Various options were suggested. A meal out? Would I be able to go to a restaurant and order salad? No. I wouldn’t.

The cinema? Would I be able to go to the pictures and not have minstrels to start before tucking into a large sweet popcorn? No. Not possible.

All day I tried to think of something that didn’t involve food. I was struggling, but then I had a lightbulb moment. Suddenly, everything became clear.

I called the lovely lady making our wedding cake. I had one question.

‘Will our wedding cake freeze?’

‘Freeze?’ she asked.

I explained my predicament. I explained about not being able to eat cake on account of having to stay slim to fit into my frock. I explained  about how much I love cake. I’d already told her this at the cake consultation, but I told her again.

‘My plan,’ I told her. ‘Is to freeze a tier of the cake, so that I can eat it when I get back from honeymoon and celebrate my degree then.’

‘A full tier?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘A full tier.’

‘All to yourself?’

I looked at Chris. He’d probably want a bit too. ‘Will it taste okay if I freeze it?’ I asked again.

‘It should be fine,’ she said.

‘What about the wedding guests?’ Chris asked.

‘What about them?’ I said.

‘They’ll need some cake too.’

For a second I thought my plan was over, but then I realised I’d ordered a wedding cake for 160 guests and we only have 60. If I rationed it on the day, I’d have more than a full tier to go at!

My stomach rumbled just thinking about it. The decision was made. Degree celebrations needed to be put on hold until after the wedding and honeymoon. Then I can eat as much cake as I like, and so what if I put on a few pounds. With all that studying and wedding planning, I deserve a slice of cake or two…




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